Oct 31, 2009

Pom Pom Flower

I'm in a mode of ideas brain storming and research for my engagement 'hantaran'.

Hantaran = a set of gifts to exchange between families during engagement ceremony for Malay culture

So, next posting will focusing more in ideas hunting :). The output might be some things new to our ordinary design or a disasters. Which one???

I shall try this pom-pom flowers from Martha Stewart. Cute and seem easy to follow. Step here

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Oct 22, 2009

Glitters 2(b): Beads

At last, i've finish the beading projects.
(after looking at the output... hm.... not much right? - anyway, first time trial is a start to a new big steps!!)


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Oct 19, 2009

Box 1

A cute box made from
1) Used cotton bud box - free
2) Leftover wrapping papers - free
3) Love glitters from hand phone accessory - free
4) Ribbon - RM 1.50

I use it to place my face cottons for office supply. And to accompany my cute box :)

Oct 7, 2009


New greeting card created when I'm not in a mood. Not in a mood because of tiring day - meeting for the whole day. Who like?
Specially created for my bf who made a big decision.. to let him know that no matter what I'll always support and by his side. :)