Mar 29, 2013

Friendship Bracelet by p.s. i handmade iit

love all the collection from p.s. i handemade it :)
reasonable price and shipping cost for a ETSY seller.


I wish my cat can enjoy his traveling time like LINUS :)
but he's a paranoid and anti-social cat I've ever met. hihihi so, it's impossible!
(original picture is from here. love this post too)

Mar 28, 2013

iPhone: Assistive Touch


Currently my iPhone4 home button does not working properly. To solve this problem, I activate Assistive Touch that come with IOS 6. I'm not sure if you can activate Assisstive touch if you use jailbreak because now I don't use jailbreak anymore :)

Source from here
This is how Assistive Touch look like. The home button appear at the screen and you can use it like your physical home button. Don't worry, the Assistive Touch screen is not that big all the time. When you are not using it, only one icon (its transparent like the above image) like the 'Gestures' will appear on your screen. The icon can be move around on your screen anytime you like. Once you touch the icon, the screen for Home Button will appear.

Follow below step if you want to activate the Assistive Touch.

1. Go to Setting and choose General

2. Choose Accessibility

 3. Choose Assistive Touch

4. Activate Assistive Touch

I love Assistive Touch because it provide a simpler screen capture function. Read my previous posting about screen capture here and here. From the Assistive Touch (Refer first image), just touch 'Device', 'More' and choose 'Screenshot'. It's so easy and very responsive :) I loike!

Hope this tutorial will help you if you are facing the same problem with me. No, I'm not changing my phone to iPhone5 since I'm not a GEEK :) The phone still in a great condition and I love it so much.

See you next time


The Pretty Blouse

Yay found a great tutorial to follow :) 
I want to sew this kind of cloth for a long time.
Original source with tutorial here.

DIY Printable Cat Decals

OMG so cute! and easy project to do :)
Original source with tutorial at Design*Sponge here

Easter Gift by Typo

I love the earphone so much!
Visit here for more collection for Easter :)

Mar 26, 2013

Love this concept by Ikea

Mar 18, 2013

Sewing Project: Large Tote Bag

Hello there,

Yay I finally sew myself a Large Tote Bag :) Patterned and instruction from Cath Kidston's book, Sew! I used to post about this book here and my first project from this book is here. Fabric from IKEA. Wohoooo.....

I would say that for a beginner, it was hard to understand the instruction. Like, what is seaming? buttonhole? press inward? Duhhhh! But if we read slowly, google-d every alien words and try to imagine the construction process, we will survive. Indeed, it was not that hard :)

Original pattern has one pocket with button at the front of the bag. I hate button installation process and if I want to use the bag as a shopping bag, button is a big NO NO. It's so fussy! Instead, I change it to become two small pockets, enough to fit a small notebook or a wristlet. It's more simpler and I loveeeee lots of pockets.

The bag was lining with the same fabric. I don't have any extra fabric that suit the main fabric. Furthermore, this is an unplanned project :). Inside, there are two small pockets. One fit for coins/keys and one fit for iPhone :)

ps: I took about 5 hours to finish this sewing project. Most of the time was spend to read and understand the manual and fabric cutting.

Here are some pictures of the bags :) Love it so much!

While understanding the instruction.

The size
Oh yeah, it's my birthday week :)
My husband treat me with a shopping spreeeeeeeee! The best gift ever.
I got myself a tunic blouse from H&M. The pattern is as above but the cutting is as below.

Then a new handbag from Charles & Keith. Something that I really want badly!
Hurm... what I don't understand is that at the website (online store - Malaysia), it cost USD69. If converted to MYR, it will be RM216.35. But at the store, it only cost around RM170. Maybe it's wise to just buy it from the store instead of their online store. 

Then a new shoes from Charles & Keith to replace my worn out office shoes. 
Hooorayyy. I love my birthday gift this year :) May this year be a good year for me and I should live more productively and enjoy every moment in my life.

by M

Mar 16, 2013

Marking new sewing projects

Hello there,

Here are some interesting sewing project from SEW! by Cath Kidston :)

Which one should I go first?


Mar 13, 2013

Happy customer

Happy customer received their mod podge :)

Mar 11, 2013

Retro Traveler by Fossil

Mar 10, 2013

Heroes Malaya by Abstrax Jingga

Hello there ,

This is our shirts from ABSTRAX JINGGA :)

Cool eh (please node your head for me!)

To order, visit

By M

Mod Podge, one more! (SOLD OUT)

Hello there,

Pre-order for mod podge matte-mat-mate was closed :)

For those who order it, you will receive the happy parcel next week. I'll contact you guys sooner okay!

Anyway, I have one extra mod podge 4oz. If interested, please email me at Only RM25 (not inclusive posting cost).


Mar 8, 2013

Pre-Order: Mod Podge

Pre-Order open for Mod Podge Matte-Mat-Mate
4 oz for RM25
8 oz for RM40
Standard delivery cost for both sizes that is RM8

If interested, email me at before 13 March 2013

Limit to 10 orders only :)

Ps: Payment required once I pick up the stock and ready for delivery. So hopefully you are serious with this order and agree with the price and shipping cost

ps: This pre-order open because I promise some of the readers :)


Mar 7, 2013

Decorate Your iPhone Charger

Hello there, 

This time I wanted to share with you guys my project i.e. Decorate An iPhone Cover with Martha Stewart Craft - Acrylic Paint (Satin finishing)

Image from my Instagram Account

Paint brush
Acrylic Paints by Martha Stewart Crafts (pastel blue & yellow)
Glitter dust


  1. Gather all materials and charger
  2. Cover the lower part of the charger with a washi tape to avoid any wet paint. It was so easy using washi tapes because you don't need scissor to cut it. 
  3. Paint the charger with satin blue as a first layer (You need to paint it twice to get a better output). Leave it for a moment to dry
  4. Create a line (border) with with a washi tape for a yellow part
  5. Paint inside the border with satin yellow (You need to paint it twice to get a better output). Leave it for a moment to dry
  6. Create a line (border) with a washi tape for the glitter part. Cover it with mod podge and layered it with the glitter dust. Remove any excess. 
  7. Coat the charger with mod podge for finishing
This project was so easy :) & super fun!

by M

Mar 4, 2013

Heroes Malaya by ABSTRAX

Hello there,

Yay! I just bought Heroes Malaya shirts by ABSTRAX. I choose Tun Mahathir Mohamad for my dear husband and I. My husband really loves Tun Mahathir so much and this is the only online purchase that he really appreciated. Because most of the time, I bought only dress & accessories. Well, what man can understand about fashion? BTW, I can't wait the parcel to arrive!


My dad surely annoying with this shirts if we wear it at his home.. hihi because he is not into Tun Mahathir, UMNO, BN so much. Well, I choose it not because of the political agenda, it's just that we love Tun Mahathir :)

Other products by ABSTRAX under Heroes Malaya range are:

Credit to for introducing ABSTAX. The blog posting can be viewed here.

For more about ABSTRAX, visit this page :)

by M