Jan 29, 2013

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8s

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8s
This is COOL :)
Only RM248.00 (38% discount) at Lazada here


Jan 25, 2013

More Cupcakes Desktop Wallpaper

CUPCAKES Desktop Wallpaper!
Enjoy !!

Original source here
by Jinjerup here

Original source here for download :)
Original source here
Series of Cupcakes Desktop wallpapers by Jessica Xu here
Original source here

Cool Sewing Projects

The Sorbetto Top by Sarai Mitnick here

The Junebug Dress by Craftiness Is Not An Optional here
Makeup bag by Sew Like My Mum here
Basic Three Tiered Skirt buy Make-it & Love-it here
Sweet Confection Pillow by Living With Punks here

New Martha Stewart Crafts' Paint

Original picture here

Hello there,

Yesterday I  visited Artfriend and I found Martha Stewart's lines from Plaid. I'm so excited which at the end I got myself two Martha Stewart Crafts' Paints in Satin finishing, light blue & yellow. I love it so much because it can be used in any surfaces. What I have in mind is to paint my white Nike shoes immediately. I'll share with you guys the result once it done :)

At Artfriend, Martha Stewart Crafts' Paint (Satin finishes) is only RM14.90. But if you are members, you can but it with 10% discount. The discounted price is RM13.41.

You can go to this link for ideas on how to use Marta Stewart's lines.

There's more things to buy but let do the projects one by one okay :)

by M

Jan 23, 2013

She's so beautiful

Original picture was from Artsy Attic here

I think she is so pretty :)
Nowadays a lot of blogs selling hijab and gosh... the models were beautiful and pose like a pro!
But this model at Artsy Attic was totally different. They didn't overdo her makeup. It's simple and natural. She was not over posed and modest. Love her so much :) 

Jan 22, 2013

Doily Table Runner by Ashley Ann

Tutorial and original posting is here by

Love this super easy tutorial :)
but first, where to find the doilies?

Jan 15, 2013

I Can't Resist Doodle Cases iPhone Casing!


Energetic mode activated as I found a cute iPhone casing to order at Doodle Cases. Well, actually I've pre-ordered it :). Hooray!

Cute blog to follow :)

This is what I'm ordering. I'm not sure what is it but I'm looking at it for two weeks and it was surely a sign that I should just  buy it. No more thinking :)

There are lots of casings to choose and here are some that I really like :)

Anyway, just hoop over to the blog for more patterns :)

by M

Jan 13, 2013

Decorate Your Home With Free Printables

Hello :)

I'm looking for a free printables to print and decorate my home. Here are some art works that I really like. I think I love the first print :)

as seen on The Pretty Blog here

by The Graphics Fairy here

as seen at Kinzie's Kreations here

by Laura Miss at Feed Your Soul here

by Blog Milk here

as seen at Design Editor here

Mencari kedai jahitan & beading

Wahai rakan-rakan alam maya sekalian, 

Ada tak sesiapa yang tahu kedai yang menjual barang jahitan & beading berdekatan Putrajaya? Betul-betul nak cari kedai supaya senang nak buat projek :) Sebelum ni asyik stock up bila balik my hometown je so agak leceh kannnnn.... Plus, people around me tak ada yang minat menjahit so semua orang tak dapat tolong saya...

So, if anyone happened to know any sewing shop near Putrajaya, just let me know by commenting this post. 

Thanks :)

by M

Jan 12, 2013

DIY Your Camera Strap

Hello there,

Here are some ideas and tutorials on how to DIY your camera strap :) Click at the images to go to the original posting and tutorial.

Enjoy your weekend!

by Make It

by Pocketful Of Pretty

 by A Pair & A Spare

by By Wilma

by The Mod Cloth Blog

by Secondhand Sundays

by Sugar & Cloth


Jan 8, 2013


Great idea at Say Yes To Hoboken here

Jan 7, 2013

Thinking of doing these for my niece :)

Baby Kimono Wrap Tutorial at Sew Mama Sew here

Sushi-Roll Changing Pad and Diaper & Wipes Pouch Tutorial at Sew Mama Sew here 
Fold-Up-and-Snap Bib Tutorial at Sew Mama Sew here

Sales at Typo

 Hello there,
Last weekend, I went again to Setia Alam City Mall and this time I can't resist TYPO. With huge sales, I got myself two spinout notebooks at RM3.00 each. It was so cheap!
 I got myself 2013 diary only at RM12.00. Unfortunately, today I received official diary from my office and this year design wass so cool compared to previous years. Now, I'm not sure what to do with my TYPO diary.
I love this owl so much and am so glad when it was only RM5.50. However, when I placed it on my table, it was waaaaaaaay toooooooooo black. Need to get the same owl but in a lighter to contrast with the dark black.

Last item was a mug only at RM6.00. My office mug has been stolen and I hate the thief. Urghhhh... I got the mug from a consultant when working at previous office and the mug has the consultant's office logo. Let say it as 'S'. Then when working at current office, the same consultant (diff person) has been engaged to do some projects. And she come to our pantry when I'm away and it goes like this:
The Girl: Hi, can I borrow some mug?
My office mate: Yeah why not. You can take any of these. It all ours. 
The Girl: Eh.... 'S'. It's my office. I'll take this. Thank you :)

Then she never returned the mug to our pantry. Does it because of the logo? I mean, come on.... if I wear a Nike shoes, can any Nike shareholders take my shoes? Same goes to my mug! 

OMG I love the mug so much because I work like hell at my previous office. It was some sort of recognition for my hard work.Grrrr....

Okay enough rambling for today. I should stay away from the mall now.

by M

Jan 3, 2013

Aztec Motif Neclace by Minumum 30

Hello there :)

Now people start to admire Aztec and Tribal motif which a lot of products with these motif come to the market. One of it is accessories by Minimum 30. They call it as a triangle necklaces whilst I call it as Aztec/Tribal pattern necklaces :). The colour combo was great too which most of it is either pink, pastel green and black. I got myself two pieces from this range (mark with MINE at the picture - except the second one is in yellow) and I'm really loving it :)

Purchasing with this online website is OK. The communication and delivery process is fast but since they use registered mail instead of pos laju, you'll get your thing later in weeks. Huhuhu :)

Just go to the website here for more

All pictures from Minimum 30

by M

Etsy Finding: The Case of Mr Pelham

 All pictures was from The Case of Mr Pelham

Love this beautiful iPhone case by The Case of Mr Pelham, Etsy store here.
It's a modern and simple design.
Most important is, they have lots of pastel designs :)

ps: currently I read Marshmellow For Breakfast and it's really great :)


Jan 2, 2013

DIY Fabric Tape

You can do your own fabric tape too :) Tutorial from Penelope & Pip here
But don't forget to get some from this blog :)