Jun 11, 2009

Colouring Book 1

This is the first time I'm prepared colouring books for my brothers. I collect all the contents from the Internet and printed it on white papers. 

I don't have mood when I'm doing it (Friday evening). But still, I need to complete it asap before going back to my hometown (Friday night). If not, how am I suppose to give it to my brothers? Mail? Hehe.. I wanted to see their reaction having their colouring books (which I made it). Love you'll...

These are the coloring books that I've completed.
The transformers is for Hafiz who is 10 years old while the blues clues is for Dayat who is 5 years old.

1) Prepare your colouring pages
Make sure it is printed on a good quality papers. Reason? Because some kids:
  • Like to colour, erase, colour, erase, colour, erase until they satisfied. 
  • Like to add water to their colours.
  • Colour with full effort and energy
  • Have sweating hands
If your paper is lesser than 100 gsm, it will easily tore up. 

2) Choose your covers
Place it at the front and back of your colouring page
(PS: Lighting was bad as I did it at the family hall... hehehe watching tv)

3) Make a hole on it

4) Tie it and your colouring book is complete. 
You can design the covers depending on your theme and creativity.

5) Miss Lazy-Mya way of completing  the cover.
5.1) Print the design for cover

5.2) Cut it into separate pieces and glued it on colouring papers

5.2) Glued in on the cover into the original design... and it will look like below pic :)

PS: Hafiz and Dayat love it a lot.

Jun 5, 2009

Notes Book 3

Another idea for your own design notes book cover. Idea derived after visiting Time Tunnel, Cameron Highlands which exhibit antique collection. 

Concept: simple and vintage :)
Technique: if you following this blog, you will know what is my technique in preparing the book :)
Materials: Papers produced by recycle paper, wrapping paper and alphabet block stamp

Try it and have fun (,'')

Jun 2, 2009

Box 1

Life must be in style. That is the message portrayed in moof.com products - which i like it a lot. 

I have a lot of small things in my office drawer. Are you facing the same problem too? Well, to organise it, I need a good formula. From IKEA basic formula and format, organising is equal to a lot of multifunctional box. 

So, today, I'll show you the simplest way to have your own stylish-cute and small-box with a lesser cost. Lesser cost = do it on your own :)

Do you want to make this? Below are the steps. Have fun!!

Wrapping paper, manila card, koko krunch box

Cut above topping of your box

Cut a wrapping paper to wrap your box. Make sure the height of the wrapping paper has extra 2 inch of the fitted size. Folded  your wrapping paper as shown in the pics below. 

Cut a manila card as below. It is beautiful if it's from the same material of the box cover. Glued it in between of your folded wrapping paper as picture no 2 below. 
PS: This is only a sample. You can design your wrapping paper depending your creativity, materials and mood (",)

Wrap your box please :)

Prepare your box cover from a manila card. 


Now you have your own cute box :)