Apr 27, 2009

Notes Book 001

RM 12
RM 15
RM 18

Above are prices of most of the book notes that i like. Why so expensive? Its C.U.T.E. A reasonable answer for a girls. :) 

But does it affordable? 
First time: Yes
Second times: Yess
Third times: Ermm.. but i like it.. can i have it?
Forth times: Ermmmmmmm... maybe i'll get it next month
Fifth times: Sayangnye duit.. :(
Now: NO! NO! NO!

So, this time, I decided that I wanted to do my own note book. Simple, C.U.T.E and cheaper. :)

What you need:

Notes book :)
I got it for about RM2

Stationary, wrapping paper, ribbon and accessories.

Step 1:

We need to wrap the notes book. So, cut your wrapping paper accordingly. 

Step 2: 

Glue a ribbon on your already-cut wrapping paper. 

Step 3: 

Wrap your notes book and it will ended like below. 

Step 4:

Glue a paper inside your notes book cover. To ensure you would have a good end finishing. 

Step 5:

Add accessories to your notes book. I just glued 3 'things' (i don't know what :)) at the ribbon. PS: I got 'it' from MPH about RM3 (20 pieces). You can keep the balances for other project :)

Following the steps, you could have end product like above. :)

Love :) 
Miss Mya

Apr 14, 2009

Greeting Card 001

When you look at the greeting cards in the market, have you ever think that you can make it at your own? I always think in that way but still, I paid for the printed cards. But this time, I wanted to do my own handmade card special for my boyfriend. Hopefully it can cheer him up after struggling with his never ending works. (P/S: This is the first time I ever made a greeting card for him)

Greeting cards can be made in any design depending on your creativity. My style always simple but cute (hehe). My brother used to comment that I'm good with line and boxes. Actually, I can't draw well. So, line and boxes are the easiest things I can involve. 

You can use any material you have to make your own greeting cards. For this project, I use coloured paper, used button and ribbon. Of course you will need basic stationary such as pens and scissors. Below are steps on how to prepare your own greeting cards.


Cut a paper as your wishes card size. Folded the paper into 2 side.

Cut a wrapping paper for your greeting card cover in any design you plan to have. For me, I prefer the wrapping paper cut in two sections just to make it look more interesting. 

This is the important part. I glued a button between the section to give the card his elegant look. Simple but sweet. :)

Inside the card, you can start designing your message. I can't draw. So, I just scissored this cute teddy bear and glued it in the card. Of course, you will see lot of cute boxes in my cards. I use all used paper that I have to prepare the cards. You'll see that on the left side of the card is quite empty. That's why I draw a line with a flowers on it with a pencil to give the card impact. (Actually, it erasable for people who can't draw :)) Other than that, you can write your message at any empty spaces.

Envelope? No. Just tie a ribbon on it and it flawless.

Now, you can try to create your own greeting card too.

Have fun!!