Apr 30, 2012

Arrived, but not as expected


As per my previous posting, I've mentioned that I bought an iPhone casing at www.iphonecase.com.my. Read here for the said posting.

Order Item

The parcel happily arrived today in a very great and secured packaging.

Order Date: 27 Apr 2012
Shipping Date: 27 Apr 2012
Received Date: 30 Apr 2012

It was a fast delivery even when they use a registered postage by Pos Malaysia. Great job!

However, what I don't like is that the blue in reality is not as cute in the website (first image). It comes in more darker blue and a little bit of greenish. I'm so disappointed.

The most disappointing is that, when I tried to snap the picture of it, the blue still not appear as per real blue that I'm receiving.

The blue that I'm talking is like this.

Other than problem with the color, the quality is quite good. The case is thick and strong. It fit properly to my phone and my phone looks so great.

If you asking whether I'll buy from the same website, I'll say yes. But I shall be extra careful with the choice of colors!

by M

Apr 27, 2012

iPhone 4 Casing, finally


I love these two casings by www.iphonecase.com.my.


Polka Dot Silicon Soft Case for iPhone 4 4s - Red White
Price: RM28
After Discount Price: RM18
Silicon Soft cover case
Click here to go to the website


UNCOMMON Back Cover Case for iPhone 4 4s - Polka Dot Blue
Price: RM58
After Discount Price: RM38
Hard Casing
Click here to go to the website

I'm not sure which one to choose. Both of them is polka dot. One is red and one is blue. Oh it's hard to be soooo women. Everything need a judgement and analytical analysis before making a purchased decision.

My friend said that, if I'm now feel like a sexy and bold women, just take red. Whilst if I'm now feel like a cute lady just take the blue one.

Aghhh my heart says that right now I'm in a cute mode so I shall choose the blue one. But, the blue one is a little bit pricey. I mean, do you really spent nearly RM40 for a casing? Really?

I talk to two of my friends and they spent RM80 - RM120 for a casing. They are worsen than me :)


I order the blue polka dot casing. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Head over to Elle Apparel blog for Wall Map Tutorial. I think it's a great idea :)

by M

Apr 25, 2012

Rainbow Cake


It's now a Rainbow Cake season in Malaysia! I've seen a lot of bloggers, bakeries and moms start baking this cake now. Oh, I hope I can have some of it :)

Here are some recipes on how to bake your Rainbow Cake from Mr Google :)

Colourful Layer Cake by Whisk Bakery at Marthe Stewart show.

All colors are made from natural ingredient. That's why the color is  lighter than edible synthetic dyes.
Most important is, it's healthy for your family :)

For those who prefer oil instead of butter in cakes.

I think it's enough tutorial from the websites outside there on how to bake a rainbow cakes. However, since I'm at the websites, below are two detours. Ahhh..these people are so creative.

This is super creative :)

I'm not into asparagus much because ermmm... hahaha I'm not sure why I don't like it. Mainly because it's vegetable which I hate most! But this cake is super cute and tempting even for a vegetable hater :)

Worth baking website to follow:
  1. http://www.whisk-kid.com/
  2. http://www.omnomicon.com/
Happy baking!!

by M

Apr 23, 2012

ZVSH - Chevron Hand Dyed Pillow


Hooray! I've found a website that sell chevron patterned pillows/pillow covers. The said website is ZVSH.CO and it's from Malaysia. The best part is that it's hand dyed and hand made.

I want the blue chevron [Hand Dyed Chevron Cushion Cover - Sky] :). Ah the colorful triangle [Hand Dyed Cushion Cover - Circus] would be great too.
Ehem..ehem...not now because I've listed all item I want to buy this month which eventually it will consume most of my money. Part of it are:

1. Shoes

2. Wrap Band Snood by Hana Tajima

3. Curtain by Ikea

Ok enough listing all of my shopping list. I'm not sure if I'll buy all this items because in the middle of it I'm not sure what else I bought.

ZVSH.CO sell a lot of other things too especially clothes. For more, hoop over to their website at ZVSH.CO.
Hoop over to their journal too at studio.zvsh.co.

They too offer a workshop for fashion lab,  fabric dyeing and fabric stamping. Hoop over to here for more details.

Glad that I found this website :)

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by Mya

Apr 18, 2012

iPhone App: Bella Mia

Hi there,
Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Update: I don't think it's worth to spent on this app since the app provider does not update the content at all!

Remember my previous posting about cuptakes? Have you tried it?
Another option for beautiful iPhone wallpapers for girl is Bella Mia.It's cost only $0.99 at the iPhone App Store.

If compared between Bella Mia & Cuptakes design, I would say that Bella Mia is better. Both of these two wallpaper design is girly and colourful. But at Bella Mia, it's more sophisticated, smart and artistic. However, the withdraw is that, Bella Mia not updating their collection as much as Cuptakes. For Cuptakes, the update is sent every month with a new wallpaper design.

Here are some wallpaper that I like so much :)


Hope you like this since it's hard to find a good iPhone wallpaper that are genuinely created for users. Most of the the wallpaper app available in the market provide a lot of collection but most of the pictures are the same. It's like they Google-d the image and took it in for their content. It's sad.

Anyway, from my personal point of view, I think it's worth to invest on this app. So that, you can have a great wallpaper for you beautiful phone.

by M

Apr 17, 2012


I'm bored during weekend.
So I made a little (very little) enhancement to my phone

 Pink Lace Ribbon

Flower iPhone Cap
I hope you guys still follow & read this blog. I know that I'm rarely post anything lately. It's all because I'm so obsesses with scrabbles (all kinds) and Korean drama.

But don't worry, I still love diy, crafting and beautiful colors. So stay tune yeh!

by M

Apr 6, 2012

Instagram @myacomel

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