Jul 29, 2011

Proposal for staff movement board

We are in a mode of 5S. Fors 5S definition, please use Mr Google. Limit your searches to Malaysian Government activities.

So, this week project is staff movement board. My boss asked me to make some sample for our board item. The design should not be dull but at the same time nearer to professional environment, not-too-fancy and acceptable. Due to time constrain, I only managed to prepare two samples as above.

Materials involved:
Printing A4 papers
Mounting Boards
Patterned Papers
Grossgrain Ribbon
Magnet Sheets

The proposal accepted. Yay..

I'll disclose all of it once it finished.

by M

Jul 22, 2011

Cute Magnet from BearDuck's Etsy Shop


This is cute :)

Jul 11, 2011

My handmade fabric flower

I'm excited.

I'm doing a fabric flower brooch for my baju kurung.

Actually, my baju kurung top and sarung were from a different materials.
So, to make it blend harmonically, I'm desperately need something like this brooch.
The flower brooch was made from the same fabric of my sarong. Hopefully this idea will help the baju kurung blend well.
With a hope the I don't look weird :)

by M

Jul 10, 2011

6 per pack - Paisley Money Envelopes

Paisley Money Envelops
6 pieces per pack

Money Envelops
Hari Raya
New Year
you name it :)
because the design is general & multi-events!

I know I like to match multiple patterned paper for my design. It's already in my vein!

Money Envelops Details:
Size-Approximately 8cm (W) X 15.5cm (H)
Paper-Pattern paper
Embellished with- Buttons, Pink & Cotton Ribbons, & my love towards excitement life!

Price: RM10.00 inclusive normal postage for peninsular Malaysia.
Postage cost required for other area or other delivery method.

Please mail me at maziahmj@gmail.com if you are interested.

PS: You will get one of these as a token :)

by M

I like giving a present :)


Of course I like giving my friend  a gift. This is a wedding gift for my friends, Rina & Nasir.

~Wish them a blessing life as a husband & wife~

This year is a wedding year for us. Most of my closer friends get married this year. The 2011 is surely a lucky and charming year!

by M

Jul 8, 2011

Handmade Chocolate by halalcoklat.blogspot.com

Hi (wink!)

My friend is selling a delicious handmade chocolate!
You can see lots more picture at her blog here, halalcoklat.blogspot.com.

I've taste it and falling in love with it because:
  • Not too sweet. Just nice for my taste bud.
  • The chocolates does not melt with room temperature.
  •  Every design has it own flavor/ and filling. You can decide your preferable upon ordering.
  • It can be delivered via courier :)
  • Free delivery for Putrajaya area. Hihi near my home :)

So, let's have a try!

by M

Keyword: Wedding

Shoe Clips by finkshop

Hair Clips by ElegantPartyBoutique

 Bridesmaid Clutch by Lolis Creations

Floral Circle by The Honey Comb

Heart Tray by DarriellesClayArt 

 Petal Veil by CorrineONeill 

 Crystal Belt by BCGirls 

 Guestbook Tree by jenniferjdesigns 

 Pom Pom by PomDecor 

Bridal Clutch by bellesandcrystals 

Pinback Button by buttonempire 

 Pocket Mirror by loverdoodles

Jul 6, 2011

Pin (Jarum Peniti) for my shawl


This is a simple project when I'm super energetic; whereby I can't sit still more than a minute without doing nothing!

Hence, I did some enhancement to my pins. No, I'm not using these pins for sewing project. Huhu.. These pins mainly bought to secure my hijab, i.e. slippery shawl. Of course I'm quite bored with the empty & ordinary pin. The enhancement is,.... just add some small beads to the pin's head and glued it.

It's only a small changes.
Because I don't want the pin to be so visible at my shawl. But at the same time, I don't want it to be invisible.

Like playing hide and seek.
"where are you?"
"I'm here, don't u see me?"


by M

Jul 5, 2011

Fabric Flower Tutorials

ps: i think she's so cute and confident :)


~This is a quick posting~

Last night I'm trying to do a fabric flower but it was a failure.
So I better search a tutorials on how to do a good and beautiful fabric flowers. 
Of course I found a lot of great tutorials along the way in searching a suitable tutorial for my personal project.
How can I let it go without sharing it with you.
And for my future references too.

by M