Oct 31, 2011

Doily Papers Idea


Here are some ideas on how to be creative with your doily papers. Enjoy!

DIY project from Design Sponge here
Great & simple idea here
Tutorial on how to do this paper roll here
Simple wedding decoration. But it's great to be filled with snack treat :D. Source here
DIY the paper lace garland here. Owh is it a sin to deco my house with this?
Paper Doily lantern tutorial here. Can I put this at my kitchen?
This doily garland is lesser romantic. Suitable for my house. I want to hang it in my room. Source here
Super creative and easy idea here
Owh another creative idea from the same crafter above. Source here.
Not too forget a greeting card here
And here is how to dye a doily paper. Easy !
Beautiful envelope here
Marthe Stewart do a Doily Chandelier here
Doily paper wreath here
Another doily project here
A different kind of doilies garland here

by M

Doily Wedding Dress


This is a beautiful wedding dress and it was all handmade. Click here for all the close up.

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Oct 23, 2011

Sneak peak on my current project

This is a gift tag that I'm doing for my future sister-in-law. The theme is pink and I hope this gift tag satisfy her requirement. There are two steps left before this is completed.

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Oct 22, 2011

Cat's Project by Marthe Stewart

Cat Bed (Source here)

Cardboard Cat Playhouse (Source here)


I have a lot of cardboard at home from the furniture purchased. My husband suggested that we should do a playhouse for our cat. It's a great idea but require a hard work. Of course a lot of cutting too - which I hate most.

However, I would say this is a great project for the weekend.

Below are some of interesting projects at Marthe Stewart page.

Catnip Rat (Source here)

Menswear Mouse Toy (Source here)

Pet ID Tag (Source here)

Catnip Fish Toy (Source here)



If you doing a paper craft, what kind of glue you use? For a long time, I always use UHU All Purpose Adhesive which available in most stores in Malaysia.

UHU All Purpose Adhesive

This glue is strong for all type of papers and it won't leave the paper's surface uneven. I know some of you would experience this kind of problem especially when the glue was so wet. This glue too can be used to stick ribbons, fabrics and embellishments for your craft projects. However, what I don't like about UHU All Purpose Adhesive is that it is in a liquid form. Sometimes the glue stick to my fingers and sometimes I accidentally glued outside the range. Apart from that, the smell from the glue was very strong.

Then, I found UHU stic MAGIC Solvent Free at stationary store. To be specific, it is at Pustaka Rawang (stationary store), Putrajaya. Actually I bought this glue for its interesting packaging and I loooove purple. I'm not sure the quality of this glue or if it can beat UHU All Purpose Adhesive.


After trying it, I really fall in love with this product. Same goes with UHU All Purpose Adhesive, UHU stic MAGIC won't create an uneven surface to your paper.

Some of the features are:

  • coloured glue stick, solvent free
  • visible colour on application; clear when dry
  • convenient - clean - economical
  • sticks immediately 
Different with other brand stick glue, this glue is strong for any kind of papers. For all this time, I hate stick glue for it's not strong enough to hold papers for my projects. Now, I have my favorite stick glue :D Hooray.

This glue is the best as it is in a stick form, I will not having a dilemma with a liquid glue anymore. I'm not sure if this glue can be used to other materials but am definitely will update soon.
UHU Magic glue stick, the convenient, clean and solvent-free glue stick that lets you see where the glue is. Its colour is visible upon application but becomes clear when dry. Fast, durable and economical. Its unique screw cap prevents from drying out. Spreads easily and sticks immediately. Washes out easily with cold water. For use in the home, at school and in the office.
Container Content
Glue stick 8,2g
Glue stick 21g


Glues paper, thermal papers, cardboard, labels, Styrofoam®,

Use and Handling Instructions

Apply a visible layer to one side of the assembly, using gentle pressure. Press together - that's it! Colour disappears as the adhesive dries. Washes out easily  (Source here)
*all pictures are from UHU official website here.

Happy mode

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Oct 21, 2011

IR Korea Deco Wall Stiker



I love all of these wall stickers from IR KOREA DECO. If you visit their page, you would notice that the price is quite pricey if compare to wall sticker sold at the night market. I order two designs and hopefully it is at a good quality and worth what I've paid.

Will update soon once these sticker arrive.


Oct 20, 2011

Harvest Textiles Homewares

All images is from Harvest Textiles here.
Please visit their blog too at here.
All products are from organic cotton and hand painted (of course with love) 


Oct 17, 2011

Cute Limited Edition Camera


I haven't though that there are a limited edition cameras this cute. Will there be someone buy it? Curiosity definitely will kill me!

Miffy Casio’s Exilim (source here)
Hello Kitty Casio EX-Z90 (source here)

Doraemon's Bell×CASIO EXILIM EX-Z800 (source here)

Pentax RS1500 DC Super Heroes (Wonder Woman) (source here)

Hello Kitty DC500 (Source here)

Hello Kitty KT7002 VGA Digital Camera (Source here)


I bet there are lots of Hello Kitty fan as they can purchase a lot of choices limited edition cameras. Oh my.. sometimes life can be so fun :D