Sep 27, 2011

I'm taking a breath.

There are lots of beautiful wrapping papers at Paper Mojo here.
If I choose and put here all papers that I like, this posting would be sooo loooooooooong. So, I encourage you to visit the page and faint like me.

I really wish that this kind of store is available in Malaysia - it must sell something affordable :)

I'm still taking my breath.

See you again.

ps: I'm so sorry for my super excitement.

 by M

window shopping for a new mug


My mug has been cracked. I'm so sad because it's a beautiful (and expensive) mug.

So let's window shopping for a new mug.

Avocado Mug

AB See B
Timeless Mug

Morning Coffee
Avocado Mug

Source: Living Wing 

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New deal from milkadeal: Photo Canvas Print + Frame from Foto Canverse

RM204 instead of RM510 for 3 12"x18" Photo Canvas Print + Frame from Foto Canverse [60% OFF]

What You'll Get

  • 3 pcs of 12"x18" Photo Canvas Print + Frame


  • Digital photos are printed onto canvas with wooden frame
  • Photo editing to optimize color, brightness, contrast & special effects like sephia, black & white
  • Nationwide delivery available
  • Great wall features for living room, restaurants & offices
  • A great option other than regular photo printing on glossy papers
  • Durable, artsy & unique

Source from milkadeal homepage here.
Photocanverse official webpage here.

This is absolutely an irresistable offer for my wedding picture maybe.

by M

*Update: RM85 is for One 12" x 18"

Sep 18, 2011

First video using Windows Live Movie Maker


This is first I'm using a Window Live Movie Maker (WLMV) and I do think that this software is enough me. Using the software, you can add a music, choose which scene you want to cut, move or remove, add captions with a fancy font with a basic format like a Microsoft Office and lots more.

I'm not sure most of the term for video making because this is my field. So I'm not comfortable to elaborate more on this project. :)

Please do try for the experience in making a video using WLMV.

Not to forget, this is a video I made for Toty's fan. Toty is my husband and I first cat and he has lots of fan from our family and friends.

I like the music in the video and have tried to find the minus one version but failed. I know that it's not suit well, but I just don't want the video be so quite :)


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Sep 17, 2011

Cute Boxes from a recycle calender


This time I'm making six cute box from a recycle calender paper.

Here is the size if you planning in making it too...

Length - 7 cm
Width - 4 cm
High - 4 cm


Length - 7.2 cm (depends on the thickness of the paper)
Width - 4.2 cm (depends on the thickness of the paper)
High - 2 cm

If you read this blog, you'll know that I'm busy with 5S project. Click here for most of the postings. Urg.. I receives lots of complains from people around the board (not people around me who watched me doing this thing in crazy short time) and the complains are:

1.Not following the theme i.e. peach - they don't know that I'm crazily search for a peaches background in a limited time around Putrajaya and we failed to find it. After a thorough discussion with my colleagues and boss, we decided to use a silver background and try to imply the peaces in other printouts design. So, I'm not making this decision alone! The theme I'm choosing is simple clean to emphasis the information in the board. So, I try to minimalist fancy colors and using a peach and some color that match with it. If looking at the board of course you won't look it is peaches unless you just paint all the wall and print anything in peach!

2.I've meet with coordinator to decline the task as a leader but only as a team members knowing that my design won't be accepted by people who limited themselves with standard design, complicated and expected it become something soooooo amazing. Nevertheless, my resigning was not approved. What to do.

3. They said the board has no border. I've said to most important people doing this project that I'm focusing on the information, not the border or what so ever. But these people who didn't know everything keep complaining!

4. They complaining that the board I'm using is not good for a our 5S board. FYI, I'm using a soft boards, glued at the back two whiteboards. Now, they want to change it to a real board which I already requested earlier but was declined! After all effort I'm putting on it, they want to change it?

I'm not sure how to response in this issue. I've already discuss with my boss and she says it's better if we have a clear cut what they want and if anyone else want to be a leader. Since they love to complain instead of saying 'THANK YOU'.

Am I care if I'm not a leader of this board project? Hell no.. I'm doing this not for a name, but for the sake of the whole office. No competition. No self award. Nothing. I just love my office and hope we won't be penalised for not doing our project properly.

Not sure

Not sure

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Sep 12, 2011

Cut Out + Keep


Found a new d.i.y community website where people can share their tutorials. Some of the tutorials are very creative and interesting. While some is not a tutorial at all, just a picture showing their projects. Go visit the page here.

Here are some projects (I choose paper crafts) that I'm found interesting :)

Source here
Source here
Source here
Source here
Source here

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Sep 6, 2011

Handmade Felt Hair Bands

Hello again,

I'm totally obsess with a felt flower and again I'm doing a hair band with it. 
But since I already have one, this time I made a decision to give it to my best friends as a gift.

Don't confuse, yup one of it is a ribbon patterned.

Of course, I not going to master this area any soon. :) but let's do the best!

Handmade Felt Ribbon Hair Band
Hair Band
Cotton Button

Handmade Felt Ribbon Hair Band
Hair Band
Synthetic Diamond
Owh I'm having a bad day when packing these gifts.
 Simple & Ordinary

Hope this posting make your day :)

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Sep 5, 2011

Fossil VintagePhone/PC Wallpaper


Fossil Vintage Wallpaper
All of these images is an iPhone wallpaper size. For more sizes, please go to the original source here. Download your favorite at the Fossil Website yeah!

Long Live Fossil

by M