May 28, 2011

Flower Arrangement Class using Artificial & Fresh Flowers + Ribbon Techniques at Touch of Eden, Wisma Central Jalan Ampang [58% OFF] via

Flower Arrangement Class using Artificial & Fresh Flowers + Ribbon Techniques at Touch of Eden, Wisma Central Jalan Ampang [58% OFF]

Again a deal at that are related to crafty world. It's mean that craft has start to enter market; which at the beginning concurred by spa and beauty products/services.

Here are info extracted from

RM168 instead of RM400 for 135 minutes of Hands-on Flower Arrangement Class using Artificial & Fresh Flowers + Ribbon Techniques at Touch of Eden, Wisma Central Jalan Ampang [58% OFF]
Touch of Eden is offering this enchanting deal to learn the skills of flower arrangements. For 135 minutes, join the Hands-on Flower Arrangement Class using Artificial Silk Flowers & Fresh Flowers + Ribbon Techniques at Touch of Eden, Wisma Central worth RM400 for the price of only RM168!
Learn to make Posy Arrangement in a Round Basket with artificial Silky Rose & Lilies or just Roses in Various Colors, Foliage & Fillers (1 Hour). Next, learn how to make Hand Bouquet Arrangements using Fresh Flowers + Paper tissue wrapper and fillers (1 Hour). Choose either one of these flowers: Roses, Gerberas, Carnations or Orchids. Creatively tie 3 styles of ribbons in satin, tissue and OPP materials to further entice the flower arrangement in the 15 minute ribbon techniques class.
Take a few hours off on the weekend and learn how to make stunning arrangements that will melt anyone’s heart and maybe serve as the first step to start a floral shop that’s been on the radar for quite some time.
The best part is, everyone gets to bring the floral arrangements home!
So, if you interested with the deal, go here. Register and purchase the coupon. 7 days to go to do this!
If you interested about the Touch of Eden, go to their website here.

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May 26, 2011

Keyword: Umbrella

Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas.More here.
I always love ESPRIT umbrella. But it will cost me about RM70 per pieces (adorably so expensive) 

This is sooooo cute.

OMG. So sexy!

I used to depend on umbrellas during my studying period at the university. It's all because of the hot weather at Kuala Lumpur.
Everyday, I'll bring umbrella with me, because I know that my friends tends to go to a-long-distance-cafeteria. Sometimes we walk about 10 minutes just to taste a famous foods.
Due to that reason, umbrella is a MUST in my backpack. 

Nowadays, nature is my favorite.
I'm not scared of the hot sun anymore (even it makes my skin darker).
I now enjoy outdoor activities and forgo my gorgeous umbrella.

Nevertheless, the umbrella remind me of my beautiful past.

Pagoda Umbrella by Bella Umbrella

Blue Stripes Long Umbrella
This umbrella is so smart. I wonder why my male friends don't like to use umbrella.

Umbrella from Topshop
Pale Pink Heart Confetti Crook Handle Umbrella
I never knew that Topshop has an umbrella in their collections
This is so feminine and PINK
I like this kind of umbrella, because when you fold it, the ruffles collected together like the picture above.

Nothing more fun being a kiddo when you have all the cuteness in the world
Lotus Flower Umbrella

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New Poll


I've put the first poll in this blog.
This is because I want to say something but I'm not sure if I should say it loud.
It's like when you have a secret and you are bound to keep it to yourself. But of course sometimes the secret torturing and forcing us to speak. Isn't it is true?

So if you visit this page, please help me in making the correct decision.

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May 25, 2011

Lovely Thread Garden 1st Giveaway

Lovely Thread Garden is doing their first giveaway here.

And this is my first time doing this too i.e. fighting for a giveaway. It's all because it's worth it!
Do you want to know the prizes? Ok here what it says in Lovely Thread Garden

hadiah 1 : lovely tatting bracelet
hadiah 2 : 2pcs lovely tatting heart
hadiah 3 : 11pcs mix lovely cute tatting flower + butterfly + heart
hadiah 4 : mix lovely thread
hadiah 5 : misteri ;)

And it says too 'pilih satu item lovely thread garden kesukaan anda untuk dijadikan hadiah misteri'...

Well, what is my favorite? When I scroll this blog, I knew that I love this tatting bracelet. I also knew that if I'm not winning any of the prizes, I'm gonna buy one of their products. 
I love most of it!

And I just fall in love with tattling. Ok don't remind me about my unfinished-crochet-project! (shoooooooooo)

Enough mumbling. Just go to the website and do love it :)

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Post: A green touch

I'll move in to a new house and in a process of thinking the new deco concept. What about green?
Go to my personal blog for some ideas from the website.

May 22, 2011

I really into a Cupcakes


I really love cupcakes. Because they are beautiful and delicious. Now let have a peek on cupcakes in Malaysia! But I'm so sorry that I'm not a favor of fondant cupcakes. It's just,.... do people ate the fondant part? Euuuwwwww..

I used to order with Little Cupcakes. The cupcakes was delicious and the cream was good too (it's mean not too sweat for my taste bud)
Go here if you want to have a look at all the designs :)

And what the *&%$.. Hanis Zalikha's lil brother can bake a cupcakes?

Ok fine! These seems so yummy. Believe it or not, they have a booth at Cyberjaya every TUESDAY at 11am-4pm.
Urg I must go there immediately once a pay day!

Soooo modern

Ok I might not into fondant cakes. But,.... how can these be so adorable? Owh am I not falling in love with something so cute like these?
(PS: I forgot to save the owner of these cupcakes link. I'm not sure what is the blog name is.... tsk tsk)

Then a LocoRoco cupcakes? OMG this is so darn cute.

Ok enough babbling about foods. My mouth watering badly!

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May 17, 2011

Freebies (downloaded items) from


I love freebies from Or you may go directly to here (but wouldn't you want to know more about this creative person?)

Go there and you'll find lots of cutes download item especially gift tags (even when I'm barely give a gift to someone... pity me).

From all the items, I like this most. What an adorable idea!

I cherish creative peoples.

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May 15, 2011

Italian Lampworking @ Glassbead Making Workshop

RM69 instead of RM130 for 2.5 HOURS of Italian Lampworking @ Glassbead Making Workshop at Jewelz, Plaza Damas [47% OFF]

Hey, there is a deal from  and it's about Italian Lampworking @ Glassbead Making Workshop. I do think I was responsible in spreading the offer to all crafter whose like this class. In case you did not know about or you miss this new offer.

Hurry up bcoz it's 7 days left to grab this offer.

Click here and register with MilkaDeal. Then purchase it with a happy hand :)


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May 11, 2011

How to do your own headbands

I found this creative ideas on how to do your own headbands. What I found interesting with this tutorial is how to tie the rubber bands to be like in the first image.


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May 6, 2011

Triangle Banner with Stars

This is some of our triangle banner created for our small dinner.
I love it so much :D
I bought the star from a balloon and party shop near Bangsar Village. Go there and you'll find a lot of balloons.

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May 4, 2011

Cute Mug at

(this mug suitable for breakup people)

I love beautiful mug so much
But I hate to spent money on it because naturally I don't purchase things that I wouldn't use
Or because if I have a new mug, it was so sad to replace my current mug (yup, what a weirdo)

Visit for more beautiful mugs.

Oppsy... read here about modern mugs. Great posting!

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May 2, 2011

Owh I love these wedding cards by

Semua sumber adalah dari
All sources are from

Owh saya sangat suka kad kahwin dari terutamanya dari siri Dolly. Rekaannya sangat moden, ringkas, terkini dan lain dari yang lain. Saya sangat terharu apabila wujudnya kad kahwin yang comel seperti ini di Malaysia. Nampak macam ala ala English kan...
Owh I am so in love with wedding card, Dolly series by The designs are soooo modern, simple, updated and different from what we have in Malaysia. Of course I am so touch with these kind of cards. 
It's like an English theme right?

Ini ialah antara koleksi yang menjadi pujaan hatiku :)
Here are some of the collections that makes me crazy :)