May 20, 2012

Fabric Tape Again


I'm testing my new fabric tape and it's super awesome. This tape will come to our official store soon when the main website is ready.

Pray for the best and belum cuba belum tahu :)

 Mark the scissor :)

 Add it to my vase :) + syntetic pink diamond embellish

by M

May 19, 2012

Gae-In Cloud

Gae-In Cloud


Recently I'm into a Korean Drama and for two weeks I watched Personal Taste. Not only that, I'm watching it in straight two cycles. My favorite character in Personal Taste is Gae In, but my favorite character is Lee Min Ho (because he's so tall and handsome, and who wouldn't?)\

Personal Taste info here and here.

Gae In was so naive, passionate character, creative and happy go lucky. In Personal Taste, her ex boyfriend said that she's like a wet dog walking in the rain. But I think she is cute and bright person walking in a beautiful rain.

I create Gae-In Cloud in honour of Gae-In and this cloud was placed at my drinks-making counter :)

 Original picture from here

Drinks-Making Counter

Cardboard as base
Blue tissue paper as the main cloud
Patterned paper for triangle pattern
Doilies as part of the embellishment
Cotton ribbon
Purple card stock for rain drops
Polka dot fabric tape

by M

May 18, 2012

iPhone App: Awesome Note


Today I want to share about a great app i.e. Awesome Note. This is a great app for people who love organizer.

Image from official website here

This app is best for its function that is you can create folders to store your note. Every folders can be named and differentiated with a variety header color and patterns. Apart from that, you can add a cute logo to every folder. Sample as per picture above. At setting, you can set default note background, note type and so on.

Different types of notes
There are different types of notes to choose and it will determine data entry interface and note display. The provided note types are Normal, To-do, Event, Anniversary and Diary. You can make the note types default for every folder. But, it still allow you to change the note type when you add new note.

Diary note is cool because you can add icon to your mood either you are happy, sad, cool and so on.

Photo, Location, URL and Tag
Awesome note allow you to add all above listing.

Beautiful Background
What I like about Awesome not is because it have an awesome background suitable for note writing. You can make the background default for every folder. But, it still allow for background changes upon creating a new note.

The layout is clean and it is very easy to use. The note is automatically save and at any moment you can share the note via printing, email and sms. As mentioned previously, you can change the background and font type and size. You can rearrange you not between created folder too.

Notes display
There are varieties of note display that is in Thumb, List, To-do, Diary and Photo. Apart from display the note in every folder, you can display all notes in folder All. So you not need to navigate to every folder, every-time. You can too display note in calender mode. It will arrange note according to due date and entry date.

It's so cool right? I love it so much. In my app, I've created 9 folders for Shopping List, Cooking Schedule, Office To-Do, To-Do (general), Party Planner, Lyrics, Miscellaneous, Travel and Comel (for craft things). I'm really obsessed with organizing :)

The app can be purchased at App Store here for only $3.99. Happy shopping :)

 Original picture from app store here

ps: All about Awesome Note here

by M

May 16, 2012

Interesting DIY Wedding Ideas from Project Wedding

Chiffon and Tulle Flowers
Original picture and tutorial here

Fabric Flower
Original picture and tutorial here 
-I used to post about fabric flower before this but still, I can't ignore tutorial by Project Wedding as it was great and clear

Plaster Monogram Project
Original picture and tutorial here

Easy Tea Bag Favors
Original picture and tutorial here 
 Modern Crepe Paper Lanterns
Original picture and tutorial here 
Little Pots of Moss
Original picture and tutorial here 

Sailor Knot Accents
Original picture and tutorial here 

Wax Bowl Luminaries
 Original picture and tutorial here 
 Chocolate Monogram Favors
 Original picture and tutorial here 

May 15, 2012

Pantone iPhone Casing


Click here to go to the website that sell iPhone Casing following the Pantone colour codes. It's by

Pantone Pink 226
Pantone Orange 021
Apart from that, they offers casing for iPad, iPod and MacBook. Ahh so fashionable (in a geek way)!

iPad Pantone Blue 7462
MacBook Pro 15 Pantone Grey
MacBook Air 11 Pantone Black
So interesting products for Apple user :)

by M

nearly similar name


Read here: How to Choose a Great Business Name

Trust me, it's hard to choose a great name for your shop/blog/profile and any other online accounts. A great name is a simple name with a great definition and meaning, easy to remember and unique. But, to stay unique is hard nowadays as we have millions people living in this planet. A million heads and million ideas to compete with.

So maybe.. maybe... that is the reason for some bloggers has a nearly similar name with my blog. Maybe... maybe... they don't google-d the name first because if you google-d it, my blog will come at the first page of the search engine. Furthermore, I've created this decent blog since 2009 with loves and passions towards beautiful & creative creations.

Or maybe..maybe.. they love the name so much because Cempaka is a general flower name in Asian. If this is the reason, I can't blame them as we can't stop people to love what they want to love.

Anyway, I'm not mad at all as I'm blogging under craft and art categories sincerely from my heart. It just a sigh... like 'hmmmmmmmmm....'

For those who read.. thanks a lot. It's really cool to share some of my thought here.

I wish-
Happy creating for those who are so creatives.
Happy uhhh ahhh for those who always admire a creative people creation (of course I'm under this category)

by M

May 11, 2012

Polka Dot Fabric Tape


Cute polka dot fabric tape will be coming to our store soon. Follow this blog to get the news as early as possible before its sold out :)

sneak peek :D

by M

May 10, 2012

Wow what a cool tutorial

Found this great tutorial at Honestly WTF here. Website that require me to said so many WTF in full because somehow, I can't say it only WTF in short.

Free Wedding Printable


Found a free Wedding Printable by The Wedding Chicks here

My favorites are -
(ahhhh I'm married, so, these printable are not relevant at all. But it's beautiful and I can't resist it!)

Beautiful Koinobori

Koinobori, Japanese festival, Children day
It's nearly ended now at Japan

Source here

Source here

Source here

Source here

May 9, 2012

Nail Polish + Shoes

Paint a nail polish to your shoes to add ummph!
go to Fossil Blog here

Felt Box

Great felt box by my favorite blogger here

May 8, 2012

DIY Fabric Labels

I never imagine than we can do our own fabric labels.
This tutorial is amazing, but require a lot of patience...and tedious.
  Click here to go to the tutorials.

Sleepyhead Sticker by Azreen Chan


I think this is something irresistible.
And I want this.
Do you want it too?
Head over to Azreen Chan website here :)

May 3, 2012

New projects to come


Three new projects to come. I've purchased all the materials for the projects and can't wait to start it ;)

Project 1: beading
Project 2: add lenght to current bedroom's curtain
Project 3: friendship bands

By M


I wish poppies were here
It's so beautiful :)
Source here

May 2, 2012

Man Watch + Ribbon


When you buy an expensive watch, the maintenance is expensive too. My husband wear this watch less than a year and the leather keepers was torn. There is no way to replace the keeper unless we replace the whole watch band. It will cost us as per half of the watch price. Oh my !


Hah, I just sew a ribbon to replace the band keeper. At first its look so feminine. But after my husband test it, it look so fine and men wearable. Lucky.

PS: The ribbon if from Momoyo which I bought it from ArtFriend.

by M

May 1, 2012

Tutorial: How to paint your dinnerware

Image from Creature Comfort

Great tutorial how to paint your dinnerware from Creature Comfort here