Jan 30, 2012

Edit your pictures at Picasa


Have you try the new Picasa function after Picnik collaborating with Google to upgrade the image processing? Well, it was totally great! What I love most is they offer Cross Process, 1960's, Lomo-ish, Border and Polaroid. I'm so happy that they have the Polaroid function as I don't need to use Photoshop anymore. Urg I'm so stress out when using Photoshop as the software was soooooo huge for my laptop processor & memory (I'm not sure if I'm using the correct terms -.-).

Anyway, here are some output after using some of the best editing function.

Original Photo
Cross Process + border
Infrared Film
Cross Process + 1960

Camera: NIKON D3100
Location: Sungai Petani, Kedah
Model: Redhuan Jamil & Shimma Hassan

by M

Jan 29, 2012

New Phone :)

Finally it is in my hand.
No I don't buy any of the iPhone cases as previously posted. Because my husband said it was expensive for a phone casing - notwithstanding the brands or handmade.


For Sale: Samsung Corby Pro (Second Hand) - SOLD



I'm selling my Samsung Corby Pro for RM350. Reason for sale is that I'm changing to new phone (much more fancy..wink wink)

It comes with a full set except cable to connect with PC (because I loss it -.-)
  • Original Boxes
  • User Manual
  • Samsung Keis Apps
  • 2GB Memory Card
  • Original Samsung Corby Extra Casing
  • Samsung Earphone
  • Charger
*since the cable was missing, I use bluetooth to connect between the phone and my PC*

I'll update later for more details.

If you are interested, just email me at maziahmj@gmail.com.


*its actually a 2GB memory card*


Jan 19, 2012

Vlashor Digital Camera Strap Offer


Remember my posting about Vlashor Digital Camera Strap here? Now, Groupon Malaysia (National Deal) has offer for this product from Vlashor Malaysia.

Groupon Malaysia offer here
Vlashor Malaysia official page here

The offer is:

[Up to 40% Off] Vlashor Digital Camera Strap. Choose 1 (RM75) OR 2 (RM138) Thick or Petite Straps. Nationwide Delivery Available. Limited Groupons

Two more days open for this offer. So hurry up to Groupon Malaysia if you are interested :)

Ps: If I have DSLR, I absolutely opted for the pink polka dot one. 

By M

Jan 18, 2012

Little Black Dress Books


There is a very popular word saying that 'Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover'. For me, this phases is invalid since I do choose a book by its cover. Furthermore, if the word is so true, why publisher paid so much money on the design of the cover? It shows that people nowadays takes into consideration of the book cover when making a decision in purchasing. If the book is super beautiful and super cute, I can't resist it at all. Happy mode!

One of the publisher that sells book with a great and cute cover with an affordable prices is Little Black Dress. In Malaysia, books by Little Black Dress is only RM21.90. If you go to BookXcess (Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya) you can get the books at approximately RM19.50.

Here are some of Little Black Dress Books with a great cover.

Not Another Bad Date
Honey Trap
He Loves Lucy
The Art of French Kiss
Sugar and Spice
Testing Kate
The Forever Summer
Getting Away With It

The website of Little Black Dress too is super cute. You can visit the website at http://www.littleblackdressbooks.com/index.html. The website offer a directory off all books available under their label. Apart from that, they have a very good connection with readers by offering contest, latest wallpaper for Little Black Dress and Facebook Group Link. So just visit the official website for more.

by M

Jan 17, 2012

Typo by Cotton On


The products offered by Typo are so vintage and style.
I wish that Cotton On will bring this brand to Malaysia too. Especially for someone like meeeeeeee...

As for now, let just window shopping. For more, just stop at their website here.

by M

Jan 4, 2012

iPhone 4 cases at Etsy


So cool!
Help me to chooooose!
I can't wait to have my iPhone, a present from my husband :) hooooooooray!

iPhone 4 Vinyl Decal Skin Sticker Cover Case
each is $10USD
iPhone 4 Hard Cases
each is $20USD
 oh so vintage
i love these
each is $18USD
 Silicon iPhone 4 cases
all is over $50USD
so expensive...

iPhone 4 gel skin cover
I love the finishing
each is $9.99USD
iPhone 4 / 4S Vinyl Skin Cover
each is between $13 - $16 USD

Decoupage Handmade iPhone Cases
a very smart design
each is $24.99USD
owh so many that I like....