Feb 21, 2012

iPhone Apps: Cuptakes


Here come again the iPhone freak. Today I want to share with you guys about Cuptakes. This apps offers a whole lots of beautiful, cute, girlish wallpaper. The apps is only at $0.99 with 250+ wallpapers. Go here for more details.

The best thing is that they offer a great iPhone covers which I love so much. But if the cost converted to MYR, the casing would be so expensive. I don't think I can spent RM100++ for a casing right? (but this is something that I can't assure since it was so tempting). Go here for more details. Trust me you surely will giggling with excitement!

Ok here are some of my favorites. (Psss: is it worth if I have at least one?????)
For your info, every casing has it's own wallpaper for home screen and lock screen. 

Bold Pink Chevron
Pink Dots
Pink Zebra
Pink Chevron (I want this the most!)
Ok I admit that I'm attracted to PINK and CHEVRON. So let we choose something else like these.

Ornate Stripes
About the home screen and the lock screen, previously I'm using these wallpapers.

Home Screen
Lock Screen
 Now, I'm using below wallpapers since it's so damn cute! Love love love is everywhere..

Home Screen
Lock Screen
I'm strongly suggest this apps for you girls who love to live with great and beautiful atmosphere. 

There is no delivery to Asia Countries :(

by M

Feb 19, 2012

Simple Birthday Present


Last week we were having a surprise birthday party for one of our office mate. I took the opportunity to make a simple gift for her as picture below.

Ikea wood frame
Image by Cuptakes apps for iPhone
Card stock paper
Fabric ribbon
Artificial fabric flowers

It is easy and everyone can do it in an hour. Enjoy

by M

Image by Cuptakes

Feb 13, 2012

iPhone Apps: Doodle Find


Another apps that I adore so much is Doodle Find because it's soooooooo cute. It's a game whereby you need to search an object in so many other objects. The doodle are totally adorable. I can't resist it at all even when it's a simple game.

All images were taken from App Store

Anyway, if you are interested with this game, just download at App Store here. It's FREE!

by M

Feb 12, 2012

iPhone Apps: Collage Day


My new obsession is of course an iPhone. For this posting, I would like to share with you guys a great iPhone application called Collage Day.

It is a tool to do a simple digital scrapbook with lot of cute accessories.

All images taken from App Store here

The accessories offered in below ranges:
Background - Patterned & border
Stamps - Plain masking tape, lace border, buttons, clouds, romantic Paris, musical notes, doilies, spoons & forks, balloons, anchor, Halloween, candies. There some more but I'm not sure what the best description is.

Here are two samples from the application.


However, what I don't like about this application is that you can't reverse the accessories selection. Once selected, it will be there. To re-do, you need to delete all your works.

Anyway, if you want to try this application, just download it at App Store. For FREE.

by M

Feb 4, 2012


This pictures was taken around my home apartment.

This is my little brother & I miss him so much.

by M