Jul 22, 2012

iPhone App: Feeling so kawaii with Between


Hihihi :D

I found a great and so cute app called Between. It's a private app for couple. Here, you and your partner connected and every information is privately shared between the both of you.

Official website here

First page that you can set your anniversary date and picture. Memory box is a place where you want to save your precious memories.

An album for you :)

You can chat between you guys. No one else here except the both of you. They have a cute smiley and a cute background too.

Memos sharing :)

Since it's private, you may want to save the passcode. It's more secure in that way. You can set different tone for notification and chat received. And of course the tone is cute too. 

Owh how I love a cute and kawaii thing!

Wanna try? Go here and it's all free. Plus, this app also available for Android user too. 

Jul 20, 2012

Picture at Ikea

Again, it's so cool !

DUKEN Bed Frame, Ikea

It's so cool !

Paper Bow

Tutorial from the original craftier and website here

Jul 17, 2012

Flat Resin Flowers For Sale

Hello peeps,

We have another cute stock for you. It's a set of fives Flat Resin Flowers.Suitable for craft projects such as scrap book, handmade card, handmade postcard, gift wrapping and so on. Also suitable for jewellery making and hand phone accessories.


Only 20 packs (mix color) available.

Material I AAA resin
Size I 16 mm
Weight I 0.005kg


The packaging is handmade with different kind of papers and it might not be in the correct sizes. Please forgive us. :)

Please take not that we have tried our best to post pictures with nearly similar color to the physical products. The actual products color may be slightly different when compared to this blog. 

Purchasing steps:

1) Email your name and quantity to cempakasac@gmail.com and wait for a confirmation email.
2) We will get back to you as soon as possible if the product is available inclusive the postage cost. Free delivery if you are at Putrajaya :) .Together with the said email, we will provide a Maybank account for you to pay.
3) Make payment and email back the reference number.
4) We will check the payment and once confirmed, the order will be posted. Once posted, we will email the tracking number and you can track the parcel here.
5) Posting activity via Post Laju is only on Tuesday and Friday.
6) Please keep all the email history for references.

Postage cost:
*via post laju
A: Peninsular Malaysia = RM5.00
B: Sabah/Sarawak = RM7.00

Please take not that we did not take any profit from the postage activity.

Return steps:

1) Notify us via email that you want to return the product. Please take not that we will not bear the postage cost for returned product.
2) We will email back to you the address for returned product :)
3) Once we received the product, you will be refunded.

Two first customers will get 20% discount as an appreciation for supporting us :)

Please email to us at cempakasac@gmail.com if you have any further queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy shopping and happy crafting !

by M

In a mood of printing :)

Image captured and edited with Vintage Camera
Second layer filtered with Instagram

Posting image captured and edited with Instagram
Polaroid framed by Picasa
Printed on Fujifilm photo paper
Printed with Inkjet Brother's Printer

Posting image captured and edited with Line Camera
Then it all went to the fridge :)

Jul 15, 2012

Free Printable Poster by Francesca


Free printable poster by Francesca seem interesting. So I print in on a glossy white paper. It's a bad decision since the color fading when it dries. So the best paper for this poster would be white hard card stock and not glossy :)

Click here to download

After printing it on a glossy paper


Update on How To Screen Capture Your iPhone


Referring to the previous post here on steps to screenshot our phone screen, I think that it's not easy to use Home Button. Home Button standard instruction is to go to 'Home'. It seem that there is a conflict when we add function to screenshot our phone screen by using Home Button.

After some research, I found that actually there is a standard 'Take Screenshot' available in 'Activator', one of Jailbreak iPhone applications. It's more easy with 'Take Screenshot' if compared with the previous 'Home Button' setting.

Steps to activate 'Take Screenshot' as following:

1. Choose Activator

2. Choose Anywhere

3. Choose Two Finger Slide In Gesture. There is another option but I prefer this one since I've never set any Two Finger instruction for my phone. So it less confusing and easy to remember.
4. Choose your gesture preferences. I like From Screen Top :)

5. Select Take Screenshot and it is done :)

As mentioned previously, this way of capturing our screen is much more easier :) Hope that this posting helpful for you :D

by M

Jul 10, 2012

My cute sticky note

comel kannnnnn :D

Jul 5, 2012

iPhone App: Do It (Tomorrow)


Today I want to share about Do It (Tomorrow). Another app for to do list but it is more simpler as the to do list is for today and tomorrow. If you fail to complete your to do list today, the uncompleted task will be carried to tomorrow task.

I like this app for its simplicity and easy to use. It's not a fancy app but enough to list down our task for two days. But if you like to plan your task for the whole week/month, this app does not help much. If it is the case, you can use Awesome Note as previously posted here.

~To add task list, just tyoe at '+ add a new task list'.
~To mark as complete, just tap at the task.
~To change the task list from today to tomorrow, just tap at the arrow. However, if you fail to complete the task at the end of the day, it will automatically add the uncompleted task to tomorrow task list.
~To delete, click 'Edit' and delete button will appear.
~To arrange the task list up and down, click 'Edit' and from there you can change it.

If you want to have a try, just download it for free at app store here :)

by M

Jul 4, 2012

New iPhone wallpaper from Cuptakes


I love this navy blue wallpaper so much from Cuptakes.

For your info, currently I'm obsess with navy blue because in my mind, it represent Kate Middleton. (it shows that I'm obsess with the Duchess of Cambridge)

To accompany my home screen, I use the navy blue stripe for the lock screen.


Love illustration by JudyKaufmann

Click here

Click here

 Click here

*Thank you to Design Sponge for highlighting Judy Kaufman in their site :)

Notebook Again :)


I have a lot of notebooks and organizer at my office. It's normal when every  year we change our notebook and organizer. However, some of the information in the previous notebooks or organizers was quite important for our job. And it's normal when we repetitively copying the important notes to our new book. Sometimes, we need to refer back to our closed book for some tutorials, how-to notes and minutes of discussions. All these things make me tired and annoying.

To solve the problem, I select important notes from all my closed book and tear it up. Then I recompiled it with a specific group like General Information, Project A and so on. With that, I only need to refer to one source only for important information. Well maybe sometimes I need open my closed book again but it's for adhoc case only. I hope so :)

I tried to design the book to be more corporate like. But corporate theme is boring and killing my nerve. So at the end, it become like this. Something that is wayyyyy too cute for office atmosphere. Hmmm what to do? It's from me who can't refuse cute things. :)

Patterned paper from MOOF for cover
Card-stock paper
Sticker purchased from Art.Friend
Doily Paper
Decorative tape - masking & fabric tape


Jul 3, 2012

How to Screen Capture on iPhone


In many months, I'm searching ways or free iPhone app to capture my iPhone screen. Mostly, I want this screen capture for blog posting relating to iPhone. and tadaaaaaaaaaaa, here are steps on how to capture your iPhone screen for free!

I'm using iPhone 4 with jailbreak :)

1. Choose Activator

2. Choose Anywhere

3.Choose Short Hold at Home Button

4. Select Sleep Button and it's done

5. To capture your phone screen, just Short Hold your Home Screen button and every images will be saved to Photos.

Hopefully this posting will help some of you :) Credit to article here. It's not exactly the same but it helps a lot :)

by M

No Big Dill - Fav Blog Ever

Sharing my favorite blog ever

+she's a beautiful and great mom+
+inspirational and creative person+
+live life to the fullest+
+make me feel great about having a lot bunch of kids+

Mink's - Product Highlight :)

Clear Pantone by Mink's
RM 130
click here

clear Couple Brown by Mink's
click here

Just sharing one of my 2012 wishlist :)
ain't it beautiful ?

Jul 2, 2012

Cute Refrigerator


I always like these refrigerators by Samsung. Mainly because the color is different if compared to a normal refrigerator :) There are 6 different colors but only two were displayed in the main website.