Jan 31, 2011

How to add pages to your blog

Here are steps on how to add pages to your blog:

1. Save labels links that you want to create as a pages.

2. At your home, go to Design.

3. Go to Edit HTML

4. At html screen, check/mark Expand Widget Templates.

5. Search below statement in all the html codes. 

6. After the last statement, add another new row and insert the link from step 1.

7. Save the changes.

Now you have added a new pages to your blog.

Thanks to my friend Keri for teaching me this steps. Have a try and comment if you lost in a middle of doing this.

by M

Da'Knit - Knitting and Crochet lover

I add a new blog to follow because she responded to my humble question. 
You know that I'm struggling with crocheting right now. Especially on what crochet hook size should I use for a cute-colourful-flowers.
Pathetically no one answer my question except Da'Knit. I am so happy and please with the response. So dear reader, use crochet hook size 3 - 4 mm if you want to do flowers.
I just went to Denso, The Curve yesterday and purchase 3 & 4 mm crochet hook. What a beautiful coincidence :)

by M

Jan 30, 2011

The Colourful from Ikea Malaysia

Oh ahhhh
Oooohh ahhhhh
I am pathetically adorned by the colourful fabrics, rugs and furnitures at Ikea Malaysia.
I had fun today with my family looking for some refreshing colours and great ideas from the big blue store.
I heart Ikea Malaysia.

ps: I'm not sure why all the pictures in a landscape mode, not in a portrait positions. I've edited all of it accordingly. Maybe this blog in a headache period tonight.

by M

Jan 29, 2011

Bag from Recycle Safety Belt by Maggie Bag

This is something creative and special found from Greta Guide. She use bag from a recycle safety belt produce by Maggie Bags. I never thought that a safety belt can be one of fashion item i.e. a beautiful bag. If you visit Maggie Bags page, you'll see a variety type of bags for sale. It comes in a lot of interesting colours. 

Below are some of the bags by Maggie Bags. I already put the links to Maggie Page at every bag appeared here. I try to choose different colour to show you the variety provided by Maggie Page. Hope you'll like it.

Jan 27, 2011

Simple Desktop

owh. Thanks to How About Orange for introducing this website. It has lots of simple desktop wallpapers. Although it's simple, the design is quite good, creative and interesting.

So lets download it for your PC!

Ok I know that some of my readers are from other countries. If you visit my persenol blog, you'll see picture of my uncle's wedding with Johor (south Malaysia) + Jawa (an ethnic from Indonesia) culture. Hope that the picture can give you some insight of what is our wedding look like.

by M

Jan 26, 2011

Gift tag completed

Finally my project to do handmade gift tag completed. All of it is 500 pieces.

Craftsnob.com by Sara




Found a new interesting blog to follow. A Craft Snob by Sara. I love the trademark at the website header  'Pretty crafts for pretty drafters'