Aug 25, 2011

5S Board / Sudut 5S - after 3 tiring days


Now I want to share what I've finished after a tiring days. I'm totally working hard for this board - non-stop brainstorming and late night sleep.

Last night I'm doing an Organization Chart with a heartache because some of the team provided their person-in-charge (PIC) list with a nick names. Hell, would they think I know all of our office staff? I can't sleep well because of the people pictures keep coming in my dreams. A lots of people faces really scared me! What a pressure night.

*picture taken with my sloppy hand phone

 Words cut from a pattered paper (MOOF)
(I outsourced this task to our trainee. huh)

 The output from the words

No, I don't create the logo. It's someone else work!
My husband did the two items below.
Apps: Adobe Illustrator
Printer: HP Colour Printer

 These too were my husband work.
He help me a lot!
 To fill in the empty spaces, I add some rectangles into it.
Apps: Adobe Illustrator
Printer: HP Colour Printer
 Patterned paper from Moof

 My phone can't fit all the boards. I'm not sure how to snap a full images for you.
Organization Chart
Apps: Microsoft Office 2010 (Smart Art)
Printer: HP Colour Printer

 Another tedious job with a small cut words. But this time I do it by myself since all other people were so buzy with their 5S too.
Patterned paper from Moof
 This is one of the time lines

  Unexpectedly, I do a flower from a tissue paper. 
Now, I do think it is weird to be in that board.
Tissue papers - Moof
Doily - Mydin

Fuh, what an exhausted day.
Sometimes my heart telling me to stop but I just keep working.

Ok, I'll update more about this project soon. I'll be missing in a few days as we were going to celebrate Aidilfitri in four days.

See you later

by M

Doily Paper - Contributing to my 5S board


Quick update now! Coz it's already 1.37 am and I'm just finished some of my 5S job.

I use a cute doily for our 5S board and it's totally feminine + pinky (although our theme supposedly is peach). Reason for pink? It give me the energy and cute attitude when time is running out. All of the sudden, the board need to completed immediately. Urg...I left some of the information required for the board and only focusing for the important info only.
Doilies is important right?

Ok here are the pictures. Please take note that the board is still in progress.

What is 5S? Please seek a help from Mr Google. Some of my team and my work was documented here under label 5S.

I'm so sorry that the quality of these pictures are not good as I'm using my phone camera. :)


by M

Aug 22, 2011

Polystyrene Cutter Again


Remember my posting about polystyrene cutter here?

Below are some of the outputs from the vintage cutter.

Okay, today I'm going to talk about polystyrene cutter again. I'm not sure why am I so into it but I definitely impress with this kind of machine.

Polystyrene cutter appeared today is so much new to me but it's not easy to use. Here is the cutter.

To use, you need to hold the cutter and click the switch and run through polystyrene. I said this is a hard tool because one hand you need to hold the cutter and the switch while the other hand you need to hold the polystyrene. You need to have a very stable and straight hand, if not the output will messy.

The advantage of this machine is, it's a portable and use battery instead of electric. When you leave the switch, the cutting wire immediately cold down which allow you to think and take a next steps/cuts.

This tool is most suitable if your design is complicated like a flower and so on.

Here are my work using this cutter. The words of this time is so much smaller than the words as above picture. I'm so stress out doing it. See that some of the word is at their worst quality. :O

Out of the topic, here is the progress from our Staff Movement Board under 5S project. Previously, I've post about the proposal for this board here.

Actually this is a magnetic item as we glued a magnetic sheet at the back of it like below picture. You can get the magnetic sheet here. The price is RM12 but if you are a member, you can get 10% discounts.

by M

Keywords: Posters

Source here

Source here

Source here

Source here

Source here

Source here

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Source here

Aug 18, 2011

Frustrated too

Remember that long time ago I have posted about my order with PD Boutique here. Until now I haven't receive my order or  refund. It is so frustrated when this kind of situation happened. Below are the communication between me and PD Boutique for your judgement. FYI, RM50 is not a large amount of money. But the heartache is big! It's all because I super excited but at the end it's as dumbfound.

A: E-mail

Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 9:10 PM
hi miss maziah ;)

sorry for soo late reply
ok here the invoice for the order last 2 days :)
if u confirm, do mail me back when u did the payment
and pls read term n condition first for more clear about shipping period.

and dear, we dont have PD24 anymore, store isnt restock yet :(
so we only have item as listed in order form
but then, PD21 is cuter even ;)

Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 4:34 PM

I made the payment as attached doc.

Appreciate if you send the order item after Raya break i.e. the earliest is on 19th Sept 2010. I'm afraid that my friend Nortasha will not be at the office when the item is delivered.

Here are the sizes for your references:

Dimensions and Weight
Product weight2.2 kg
Product dimensions (W x D x H)34.2 cm (W) x 22.8 cm (D) x 3.15 cm (min H) / 3.65 cm (max H)

Can't wait to meet my new cute laptop cloth... :)

Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 4:54 PM

Will check your payment n update the que
Will try make it asap
Tq n selamat hari raya;)
**free make up bag for single receipt rm80 and above
**always give free shipping for every items except sabah & sarawak will charge rm4
**xoxo : pd
Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 9:32 AM
Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya.

Have you check either the payment has been credited to your account?

May I know when shall I receive the order?

Thanks :)
Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 9:52 AM

Hi there
I hv check yes got the payment
Will try to post it in within this 2 weeks
Ill mail u back with the tracking number when it ready to be post
Pls wait yah:)

**free make up bag for single receipt rm80 and above
**always give free shipping for every items except sabah & sarawak will charge rm4
**xoxo : pd
Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 12:48 PM

May I know my order status?

Thanks & Regards,
Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 4:32 PM

yes dear, pls wait yah :)
Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 12:32 PM

hi, may I know my order status. can you estimate when will I receive the order?

Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 4:59 PM


I want to cancel the order and request for refund since it's been about 7 months since the order was made. You may transfer the refund to my Bank Islam account XXXX.

I'm so sorry for doing this.

Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 5:35 PM


Appreciate if you can respond my mail as below. As a customer, I have right to know the status of my refund.

Masa order I boleh bayar cepat kenapa masa perlu refund I perlu tunggu sebegini lama?

Thanks & PEACE :)
Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 5:44 PM


Saya nak tanya if dah ada refund duit kepada saya atau belum. Please be professional. Bila nak jual cepat je bagi invoice & minta payment segala bagai. Tapi bila nak service & refund sangat lambat.

FYI, saya dah report ur services under persatuan pengguna. As a customer, I have right on every money I spent.


B: Chat

Mon, May 9, 2011 at 10:37 PM

9:56 PM me: hi
9:57 PM i nak tanya order i ni status apa?
9:58 PM i ada mail for cancelled so hopefully u can reply

29 minutes
10:27 PM dotte: Hi..sorry lmbt rply, boleh sy tahu bank u? Sorry order serabut ada yg i termiss turn

9 minutes
10:37 PM me: bank islam XXXX

Aug 15, 2011



Aidilfitri is just around the corner for a Muslim. As usual, we gotta have a new cloth to celebrate the Aidilfitri. It's more merrier if we wearing a new and beautiful cloth. Well, it is a must for me. But it's all depending on the individual on how to celebrate the Aidilfitri.

I've received the polka dot cotton from Nini Ezai Anggun as per my posting here. And I want to make a modern baju kurung with a ruffles like below. (Don't you think it's cute???). Although, nobody has ever made a ruffles to baju kurung yet.

Unfortunately, the tailor said it was impossible. He required 5 meters fabric. Apart from that, he required a more soften fabric to do the ruffles. He only accept my order if it's a  NORMAL modern baju kurung.

I'm so frustrated. 
Because my husband and I traveled about 40km to get to the shop.
Because my sister in law said he can sew any baju kurung design.

At that moment, I wish I am who can sew anything!

by M

Ruffles Skirt Tutorial here

My precious cotton

Aug 14, 2011

Polystyrene Cutter - so vintage


As you might know, currently I'm consumed with 5S project at the office. The office has set up every Friday as a 5S day.

Last Friday, I managed to finish the polystyrene cutting. That was the most boring task I've ever done. It's not like a sewing machine. This is so much slower! Sometimes I fell asleep when doing this..huhu.

Ok I'm not posting my nagging.
I just wanted to share with your guys our polystyrene cutter machine. The look is so vintage. The machine is the most simplest machine I've ever seen. Well, I've never use any of it before in my life. So, I'm quite.... erm feel funny actually.

What is current polystyrene cutter in the market?
I don't know. I am too lazy to make any research now. Mainly because today is a laziest day in this week. SUNDAY!

Nevertheless, I've found this article on how to do your own polystyrene cutter. Go here if you want to know eh.

ps: have your tried edit your picture using picnic? it's fun!

This is the switch

Aug 12, 2011

Handmade Fabric Flower Hair Band

Hi again,

Again, I am doing fabric flower for a hair band.
Nevertheless, this is the most sloppiest project that I have made.
Mainly because the fabric was soft and slippery and not easy to cut in circle.

The colour coordination seem not right.

No.. this is not a stop.
Actually I'm planning to do more for my girlfriends. I haven't see them for a long time. Yes I miss chatting (mostly gossiping) with them.

Handmade Fabric Flower Hair Band
Hair Band
Syntetic Diamond

Later yeah!

By M

Aug 11, 2011

Information Board Proposal


We are in the midst of implementing 5S as per out-rule by the Malaysian Government.
With that, I've been selected as a 5S Corner leader.
But now we are in the fasting month.
Every fasting seasons is my hibernating time.
I'm lazy, dull and hibernate.


So my proposal is simple and direct. My focus is more towards the information delivery. This is the time I wanted to try clean cut presentation. Hope it's work.

My boss said that this is absolutely an accountant design. Direct 1, 2, 3!..huhuhu.. I guest she's right.


by M

Aug 9, 2011

Pom pom

This project is absolutely cute and easy. Go here for original posting :)

by M

Aug 4, 2011

Create a image video at


I've try video creator and it's quite fun...
This is the video I made for one scene of my wedding.
Hope you'll like it.

At animoto you can register free or choose other paid plan.
The free plan limit the video design and the video lengths. 
Yes you can upload thousands of photos, but the free plan will cut it to the allowable lengths.
That's why my video was super shot. hihihi...

Enjoy ur video making peeps.

by M

Aug 3, 2011

Keyword: Keyboard Wrist Rest

Source here


Not much people do a Keyboard Wrist Rest.
But I think this is an easy project (except the crocheting above) for you. Huhu.....

Who want to take the challenge?

Source here

Source here

Source here

Source here

by M