Dec 31, 2013

Martha Stewart's Merchandises Sale at

For those who love Martha Stewart's merchandises, just head over to (click here) because they are having a sale. Woohoooo....

ps: There are no acrylic paint... 

Dec 22, 2013

Boxes of happiness

I'm bored and this is what I did on Sunday afternoon. Organising my locker with boxes wrapped with Typo's wrapping papers.

First box is to place all gadget accessories such as pendrives, hard disk, cables, chargers and batteries. Yeah we have a lot of it. 

Second box is for medicines. 

Hopefully it will stay organised like this for a longger time.

Oct 24, 2013

Prayer Cloth by my friend

Hello ,
This is a prayer cloth produce by my friend. I love it so much! So if you want it, please call stated number in the flyer :)

Sep 4, 2013

I want to sew it all!

Dolman Style with Banded Bottom
The Pretty Blouse

Aug 20, 2013

DIY Glitter iPhone Case


Someone email me asking about what kind of mod podge to use to make glitter phone case like in the video. Well, you guys can use basic mod podge that is matte-mat-mate.

*Please noted that I've stop selling mod podge :) It's just a one shot selling activity only (for fun!).

Okay, this is my version of glitter iPhone case. I use Martha Stewart's acrylic paints with satin finishing, matte-mat-mate mod podge and glitters :)

Happy crafting!

Aug 19, 2013

40% discounts of all tapes

Hello dear, 

It's a stock clearance time! 
All masking/decorative tapes at Cempaka's Art and Craft will be given 40% discount
~Offer valid until 30th September 2013~

Please click masking/decorative tapes pictures at the right side of this blog to view all available tapes

Aug 4, 2013

My first baju kurung pahang

This is my first baju kurung pahang
It was different with normal baju kurung that I sew previously.
For the sake of upcoming raya celebration, I sew this cloth without knowing the right technique. I can't wait for the class as it move too slow. 

So, next, I need to buy another fabric, cut it and bring it to the class. I really need to master the right technique to sew baju kurung pahang :)

Aug 1, 2013

Sewing my own Baju Kurung for Raya :)

I'm quite busy right now. Juggling with house chores, study, socialising and sewing my clothes.
Finally, my baju kurung was done.
On the right side is not mine, it's for my sister :) The first cloth ever made for someone else. Success.

Apart from that, I completed altering my other cloth bought from online store. Gosh, it was big and not flattering at all. I hate it! 

ps: thingking of sharing a tutorial to sew baju kurung was so complicated. So, laterrrrrrrrrrrr lah...


Jul 30, 2013

Mid Year Sale Photobook

Adrenaline Rush!
It's mid year sale at photobook :)

I really like the new product by photobook i.e. Designer Cover (here). And it's 65% off. Hooray!

Jun 16, 2013

New DIY Cushion Cover


Finally I manage to sew new cushion covers. Hooray!
Both cushions and fabric were from IKEA Malaysia. I bought the cushions earlier but it seem that they love to attract cat's furs. I was so annoyed with this situation and for that reason, I sew the covers :)

The fabric is Annbeth and it cost RM39.50 per meter.
The cushions is Granat and it cost RM12.90 each. But I think it cost cheaper a few months back.

*with this kind of pattern, 1 meter is enough for two cushion covers* 

Following are pictures that summarise the steps to sew the cushion cover :)

1) Measured the cushion and cut the fabric accordingly.

2) I add bias tape at the back side of the cushion cover.

3) Don't forget to seam the fabric.

4) This is how it should look.

5) Ok fine, I need to add button to make it close properly.

6) Done :)

May 23, 2013

Add beads to make old cloth new

I bought this cardigan long time ago and it already seasoned. But I love it so much :) and it's really comfortable. 

To make it different, I sew pearl beads in a scattered patterned on the shoulder part. This project was so easy for everyone. Love it :)

Apr 8, 2013

Zipped Laptop Cover


My friend asked me to sew her a laptop cover. She prefer a slip on but I think it is better if it was zipped. For a safety measurement and it's more clean :)

I think this tutorial will do :)

Tutorial and original picture by Stitched by Crystal here
Btw, this dude sew his own laptop slip on by himself with the help of his wife. So cool :)

Original pictures and tutorial are from Noktah Hitam here
PS: I'm not sure when can I start the project. As per below picture, I have three more clothes to sew. Maybe I should stop sewing clothes after this for a moment :) Hihihi

Original picture was from my Instagram here

Camera Pouch

Ok, I found this project interesting :) and the pattern is cheap too. I want this!

{lbg studio} output here

buy pattern (Michelle Pattern) here

Apr 5, 2013

Love this

Love this pattern by Sew Liberated. 
But so expensive for me :)


Apr 3, 2013

I can't stop laughing!

Original source here

Apr 2, 2013

My Baju Kurung

From my isntagram acc
So proud wearing a cloth that I made myself :)

Baju Kurung with fabric from Gulati's Silk House


Mar 29, 2013

Friendship Bracelet by p.s. i handmade iit

love all the collection from p.s. i handemade it :)
reasonable price and shipping cost for a ETSY seller.


I wish my cat can enjoy his traveling time like LINUS :)
but he's a paranoid and anti-social cat I've ever met. hihihi so, it's impossible!
(original picture is from here. love this post too)

Mar 28, 2013

iPhone: Assistive Touch


Currently my iPhone4 home button does not working properly. To solve this problem, I activate Assistive Touch that come with IOS 6. I'm not sure if you can activate Assisstive touch if you use jailbreak because now I don't use jailbreak anymore :)

Source from here
This is how Assistive Touch look like. The home button appear at the screen and you can use it like your physical home button. Don't worry, the Assistive Touch screen is not that big all the time. When you are not using it, only one icon (its transparent like the above image) like the 'Gestures' will appear on your screen. The icon can be move around on your screen anytime you like. Once you touch the icon, the screen for Home Button will appear.

Follow below step if you want to activate the Assistive Touch.

1. Go to Setting and choose General

2. Choose Accessibility

 3. Choose Assistive Touch

4. Activate Assistive Touch

I love Assistive Touch because it provide a simpler screen capture function. Read my previous posting about screen capture here and here. From the Assistive Touch (Refer first image), just touch 'Device', 'More' and choose 'Screenshot'. It's so easy and very responsive :) I loike!

Hope this tutorial will help you if you are facing the same problem with me. No, I'm not changing my phone to iPhone5 since I'm not a GEEK :) The phone still in a great condition and I love it so much.

See you next time


The Pretty Blouse

Yay found a great tutorial to follow :) 
I want to sew this kind of cloth for a long time.
Original source with tutorial here.

DIY Printable Cat Decals

OMG so cute! and easy project to do :)
Original source with tutorial at Design*Sponge here

Easter Gift by Typo

I love the earphone so much!
Visit here for more collection for Easter :)

Mar 26, 2013

Love this concept by Ikea

Mar 18, 2013

Sewing Project: Large Tote Bag

Hello there,

Yay I finally sew myself a Large Tote Bag :) Patterned and instruction from Cath Kidston's book, Sew! I used to post about this book here and my first project from this book is here. Fabric from IKEA. Wohoooo.....

I would say that for a beginner, it was hard to understand the instruction. Like, what is seaming? buttonhole? press inward? Duhhhh! But if we read slowly, google-d every alien words and try to imagine the construction process, we will survive. Indeed, it was not that hard :)

Original pattern has one pocket with button at the front of the bag. I hate button installation process and if I want to use the bag as a shopping bag, button is a big NO NO. It's so fussy! Instead, I change it to become two small pockets, enough to fit a small notebook or a wristlet. It's more simpler and I loveeeee lots of pockets.

The bag was lining with the same fabric. I don't have any extra fabric that suit the main fabric. Furthermore, this is an unplanned project :). Inside, there are two small pockets. One fit for coins/keys and one fit for iPhone :)

ps: I took about 5 hours to finish this sewing project. Most of the time was spend to read and understand the manual and fabric cutting.

Here are some pictures of the bags :) Love it so much!

While understanding the instruction.

The size
Oh yeah, it's my birthday week :)
My husband treat me with a shopping spreeeeeeeee! The best gift ever.
I got myself a tunic blouse from H&M. The pattern is as above but the cutting is as below.

Then a new handbag from Charles & Keith. Something that I really want badly!
Hurm... what I don't understand is that at the website (online store - Malaysia), it cost USD69. If converted to MYR, it will be RM216.35. But at the store, it only cost around RM170. Maybe it's wise to just buy it from the store instead of their online store. 

Then a new shoes from Charles & Keith to replace my worn out office shoes. 
Hooorayyy. I love my birthday gift this year :) May this year be a good year for me and I should live more productively and enjoy every moment in my life.

by M