Oct 31, 2009

Pom Pom Flower

I'm in a mode of ideas brain storming and research for my engagement 'hantaran'.

Hantaran = a set of gifts to exchange between families during engagement ceremony for Malay culture

So, next posting will focusing more in ideas hunting :). The output might be some things new to our ordinary design or a disasters. Which one???

I shall try this pom-pom flowers from Martha Stewart. Cute and seem easy to follow. Step here

See more fav art's links on the right side of this blog :)

Oct 22, 2009

Glitters 2(b): Beads

At last, i've finish the beading projects.
(after looking at the output... hm.... not much right? - anyway, first time trial is a start to a new big steps!!)


Link to previous post click here

Oct 19, 2009

Box 1

A cute box made from
1) Used cotton bud box - free
2) Leftover wrapping papers - free
3) Love glitters from hand phone accessory - free
4) Ribbon - RM 1.50

I use it to place my face cottons for office supply. And to accompany my cute box :)

Oct 7, 2009


New greeting card created when I'm not in a mood. Not in a mood because of tiring day - meeting for the whole day. Who like?
Specially created for my bf who made a big decision.. to let him know that no matter what I'll always support and by his side. :)

Sep 18, 2009

Money Envelop 1: Eid Mubarak

~Money envelops special for my family members~
Materials: 1) Wrapping papers for the envelop - Mooh/MPH
2) Scrapbook printed papers for front cover - craft store/1Utama
3) Plain paper for wishes - Populars

Sep 14, 2009

Wrapping 002

Another idea how to make your life cute and wonderful. I use this files to keeps all my bills and important letters.

Back then at school and uni, all my files decorated either with printed or wrapping papers. God, I miss my studying period!

Aug 11, 2009

Glitters 2: Beads

On weekend, I've started a project to BEADS my 'selendang'. At first, I'm excited. But, the job is so tedious, complicated and tiring. Nevertheless, I can’t stop right?

It’s a long way to go before the BEADS are finish but still, I can’t wait!!

Until now, I only use 30% of my beads. Only 1/4 finished...(basic design). I'm planning to add extra designs to it. Yay.. So I'm wii/going to finish it in 3 weeks time.

Total cost incurred as at today is RM8.00 for beads.

Aug 10, 2009

DIY: Add glitter stones to Baju Kurung :)

I hand sewed this glittering stones to my baju kurung sleeves. No cost incurred as I got the stones from my old stained tudung.. hihihi :)

Jul 20, 2009

Wrapping 001

I bought a shawls and didn't know how to wrap it.
So, i just wrapped it like a paper bag. On top of it, I tied it with a ribbon....
My presents look simple and elegant.
I love the ribbon.
PS: First time I did this method.. hihi

If you wanted to try it, ensure the papers is thick enough. If not, it's hardly to carry and fragile.
Enjoy :)

Jul 8, 2009

Greeting Card 002

The idea to create this Apple 3D card is when I'm at office doing some report:

1. I wrote something...
2. I erased some part of the something
3. I wrote something...
4. I tore the papers (contain that something) and throw it away..
5. I wrote something again...
6. I folded a paper (contain that something)..
7. I tore the papers (contain that something) and throw it away..
8. I folded, folded, folded a papers and left it on my desk..
9. Isn't it is an apple?

So, here are the steps by silent pictures :) on how to prepare my new apple 3D greeting card.. 1st trial on 3D and I'm happy with it. But still, I'm open for new learnings and improvements :)


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Jun 11, 2009

Colouring Book 1

This is the first time I'm prepared colouring books for my brothers. I collect all the contents from the Internet and printed it on white papers. 

I don't have mood when I'm doing it (Friday evening). But still, I need to complete it asap before going back to my hometown (Friday night). If not, how am I suppose to give it to my brothers? Mail? Hehe.. I wanted to see their reaction having their colouring books (which I made it). Love you'll...

These are the coloring books that I've completed.
The transformers is for Hafiz who is 10 years old while the blues clues is for Dayat who is 5 years old.

1) Prepare your colouring pages
Make sure it is printed on a good quality papers. Reason? Because some kids:
  • Like to colour, erase, colour, erase, colour, erase until they satisfied. 
  • Like to add water to their colours.
  • Colour with full effort and energy
  • Have sweating hands
If your paper is lesser than 100 gsm, it will easily tore up. 

2) Choose your covers
Place it at the front and back of your colouring page
(PS: Lighting was bad as I did it at the family hall... hehehe watching tv)

3) Make a hole on it

4) Tie it and your colouring book is complete. 
You can design the covers depending on your theme and creativity.

5) Miss Lazy-Mya way of completing  the cover.
5.1) Print the design for cover

5.2) Cut it into separate pieces and glued it on colouring papers

5.2) Glued in on the cover into the original design... and it will look like below pic :)

PS: Hafiz and Dayat love it a lot.

Jun 5, 2009

Notes Book 3

Another idea for your own design notes book cover. Idea derived after visiting Time Tunnel, Cameron Highlands which exhibit antique collection. 

Concept: simple and vintage :)
Technique: if you following this blog, you will know what is my technique in preparing the book :)
Materials: Papers produced by recycle paper, wrapping paper and alphabet block stamp

Try it and have fun (,'')

Jun 2, 2009

Box 1

Life must be in style. That is the message portrayed in moof.com products - which i like it a lot. 

I have a lot of small things in my office drawer. Are you facing the same problem too? Well, to organise it, I need a good formula. From IKEA basic formula and format, organising is equal to a lot of multifunctional box. 

So, today, I'll show you the simplest way to have your own stylish-cute and small-box with a lesser cost. Lesser cost = do it on your own :)

Do you want to make this? Below are the steps. Have fun!!

Wrapping paper, manila card, koko krunch box

Cut above topping of your box

Cut a wrapping paper to wrap your box. Make sure the height of the wrapping paper has extra 2 inch of the fitted size. Folded  your wrapping paper as shown in the pics below. 

Cut a manila card as below. It is beautiful if it's from the same material of the box cover. Glued it in between of your folded wrapping paper as picture no 2 below. 
PS: This is only a sample. You can design your wrapping paper depending your creativity, materials and mood (",)

Wrap your box please :)

Prepare your box cover from a manila card. 


Now you have your own cute box :)

May 18, 2009

Note Book 2

I need a new book for my upcoming project. As usual, I made it by with all materials that I've already own. A way to save money :)


1) You need to have a note book. :)

2) Second basic item you need is a wrapping paper. Cut the paper accordingly to wrap your book.

3) Cut paper like picture below. Then glue it at the left and right side of the wrapping paper (depending on your creativity, my idea is not absolute to follow)

4) Wrap your book and from inside, your book will look like the second picture below.

5) Empty front? Not for me :)
I shall add a title to the book.

5.1) Create and cut a frame on a card-stock paper. Design your book title.

5.2) Glue a ribbon at the back of your book title

5.3) Tadaa... Glue it on your note book cover.

6) For finishing, I wanted to add a ribbon book mark. Just glue a ribbon on the back cover (inside) of the book.