Jun 28, 2010

Wedding Wallpaper

Not sure where i got these weddings wallpaper but it was totally adorable.
But i'm not using it as my laptop wallpaper as it will cause a chaos at my office. :)
It's whats going to happen when working with lot of crazies peoples.

Jun 20, 2010

Special Memo Pad

A continuity from here & here.

For my boyfriend birthday, I do a DIY Special Memo Pad. There are 5 designs with 8 sheets for every designs.

Since this memo pad will be used at his office, I don't want the design too fancy. Just a simple deco with a wide space for writing purposes.

PS: Even the design was simple, the job still tiring and tedious as in total I made it to 40 (8 X 5) sheets. (Sigh)

I put all the memo pads into the box which I draw previously. A little bit too colourful for a guy laaaa........ hahahahaha

Jun 13, 2010

Wedding Gift Tag

After doing a gift tags for office presents, I'm kind of like it so much. Now, I'm doing a gift tags for my wedding due next year.

Planning to do it for 500 units. One wrapping paper can fit for 96 units. So I need about 5 sheets of wrapping papers and 5 sheets of large card stock papers.


Wedding Gift


Another wedding to go with gift. I bough a set of 4 mugs with a beautiful box. Since I love the box so much, I don't want to wrap it up.

Attached together with the gift is a simple gift tag. I made a mistake using the love and glitters sticker coz it's out of the theme.

But a mistake is one of the lesson & experiences to life right?

Of coz my present won't do without a ribbon. OMG my ribbon not enough - thats why I combine a leftover ribbon with a cotton string.

I love personal touches :)

Jun 1, 2010

Memo Templates

This is a continuous from here :)

What am I going to prepare is remain secret until its time.