Sep 30, 2010

Laptop Skins from Lapjacks and Schtickers

Surfing around to search for a new laptop skin and found two online stores that have a lot of beautiful products.
Recently I'm interested with animal prints and below first two skins from Lapjacks totally amazed me. The price was around $14.00 and plus (if converted to RM the price will be around RM 50.00 and plus - not inclusive shipping cost)
But Schtickers provide more ranges of skins which suit me most. Pricing for Schtickers was around $19.00 and plus (if converted to RM the price will be around RM70.00 and plus).
Need to re-think and decide which I love most. (wish that I can have all of it :) )
For more design, you may browse their beautiful website from url listed below.
Happy browsing!
Happy shopping!

Sep 29, 2010

New ribbons stock

Updated with a new craft stock. Some of it just bought from sewing shop while some of it was my mom's collection. Hihihi.

I notice that this newly stock conquered by two colors i.e. blue and pink. I should add another tone though :)

Sep 27, 2010

Envirosax Collections

I already have above bag from Envirosax but can I have more? If you go to their website, there are lot more design for selection. Trust me, the design are exciting, unique and colourful suiting our individuality.
People says 'it does not kills if we have a lot of bags' right?
Below are some designs that I adores much.
Wish that I can have it all :)

Sep 26, 2010

Cecilia, IKEA Malaysia

Yoish, am so happy coz bought a cute fabric called Cecilia from IKEA Malaysia for my study tablecloth. Gonna sew it immediately and showing the output.
Will update later once completed.


Sep 23, 2010

Cottonholic on Etsy

Surfing the internet and found a shop that sells supplies for sewing project which core products is cotton. I was so facinating and wow on the sales item.

Why Malaysian don't produce these kinds of things? (unnecessary stress)

If converted to Ringit Malaysia (RM) the prices will be higher for me. But I do realized craft was an expensive hobby!

Corduroy Cotton

Laminated Linen Cotton

Patterned Cotton Bias

Patterned Cotton Bias

Cotton Eyelet Lace

Patterned Elastic Band

Fabric Sticker

Mini Flower Country Cotton Yard

Hand phone Screensaver

Have you viewed all available images for new blog background by Blogspot?
I do think that all the images was beautiful and interesting. You may notice that I already changed the background to one of the images; provided free for blogger.
Not to stop here, I also use the images as my hand phone screensaver. So cute!
Try now :)
Below are some fav images that I saved for my hand phone screensaver.

Sep 21, 2010

New Sleeping Trousers

Since I on a long leaves, I'm desperately think that I need some output to show that my vacation was worth to have and not so wasteful.

I got the idea to sew a sleeping trousers when my brother and I visited the shopping complex at Sungai Petani, Kedah. The sleeping trousers there were so many, cute and irresistible; but expensive. With a sullen heart (because I don't want to spent money on the cute trousers) we went home. Then I knew that I need to sew my own sleeping trousers.

With a help and guidance from my mom, I managed to finish two sleeping trousers. One is 1 3/4 length while one is full length.

I'm quite happy with the result and may sew some more again.

Happy! :)

Sep 6, 2010

*I Love My Lappy* by PD Boutique

Wiwiwi... am so excited to receive my new laptop cases, *I Love My Lappy* from PD Boutique.

The cases will lool like this:

It shall be weared like this:
My laptop cases will be made from this fabric:

This is my first time online purchased from a handmade and crafty blog.

I'll update once I got the item kay!

Let live a happy and cuter life!

*all images was taken from PD Boutique.