Mar 27, 2011

Mod Podge - research first


Recently I went to the art store looking for a Mod Podge. Err..... eventually there are lots of Mod Podge types. Which one to choose?

Since it is expensive, I don't want to just close my eyes and grab any of the Mod Podge without knowing their functions. So here are info from Mud Podge taken from this website:

Classic Mod PodgeThe original Mod Podge formula that’s a glue, sealer and finish all in one!  Use this crafting favorite to decoupage almost anything on wood, glass, terra cotta, metal, canvas and more, then seal with a top coat of Mod Podge. Projects dry to a protective matte or gloss finish. Available in multiple sizes to suit any project including a gallon bottle for group projects or classes.

Hardcoat Mod Podge
The ultimate durable finish! Hard Coat Mod Podge provides extra protection for your decoupage projects that are functional, frequently used or handled.  Perfect for furniture, book shelves, table-tops, serving trays, floor cloths and more. Sand between coats for an ultra-smooth finish. Available April 2007.

Satin Finish Mod Podge
The same great performance and versatility of original Mod Podge in a Satin finish.  Projects dry to a soft-to-the-touch finish with a subtle sheen.  Perfect for home décor projects such as picture frames, wall or door plaques,  decorative boxes and more.  Available April 2007.

Brushstroke Mod Podge  Enhance projects with a textured finish! New Brushstroke Mod Podge is a top coat finish with a highly visible, dimensional texture. Simply apply over posters, prints or to decoupaged canvas projects for an artistic look that’s an affordable alternative to genuine painted wall art. Available in matte or gloss. Available April 2007. 

Fabric Mod PodgeEmbellish wearables, linens and home décor like never before! Decoupage with Fabric Mod Podge!  Specially formulated to adhere fabric to fabric or paper to fabric, Fabric Mod Podge expands your creative projects to include a variety of textile surfaces.  Customize a denim jacket or jazz up a ready-made pillow or tablecloth in minutes-- you’ll have made something truly unique.

Paper Mod Podge 
An acid-free formula that is friendly to paper crafting!  Paper Mod Podge is perfect to use when decoupaging paper-to-paper and to keep photographs and papers from yellowing.Extend the life of your memory, cardmaking, scrapbooking and altered art projects with Paper Mod Podge.

Outdoor Mod Podge
Protect your projects from moisture and other outdoor elements with Outdoor Mod Podge.  This specially formulated Mod Podge provides a water-resistant finish so projects stay as beautiful as the day you made them.  Use on wood, tin, terra cotta, slate and more.  Perfect for creating decorative accessories for your door, front porch or patio. 

Sparkle Mod Podge 
Add glitz and glimmer to any decoupage project with Sparkle Mod Podge.  This formula has the all-purpose performance of original Mod Podge with the added bonus of sparkle.  A fun and festive touch to jewelry, fashion accessory or holiday projects.

Mod PodgeGlitterMod Podge Glitter offers the same great Mod Podge formula with a glitter finish! Metallic sheen show up great on dark surfaces. Available in Gold and Silver formulas!

Mod Podge Shimmer
Add a touch or Gold or Silver without adding an extra step to your next project. Mod Podge Shimmer is perfect for wedding and anniversary projects or any craft that needs a little shimmer!

Glow-in-the-Dark Mod PodgeCreate fun, glowing crafts for a child’s room, Halloween, science fair projects and other imaginative creations! Glow-in-the dark pigments add a glow effect to your favorite decoupage surface- works well on wood, foam, paper mache and other surfaces.

Maybe I'll pick Classic Mod Podge as a beginner. Later after I understand the whole function of Mod Podge, than should I upgrade it to a more fancy Mod Podge.

Hope this info helps you too.

by M


  1. hye...can i know where to find mod podge in malaysia? hope u will be able to share...thank you :)

  2. hi,

    there's some at this art store:

    or maybe at here too:

  3. thank you soo much...i've been to artfriend before but never found it there...maybe need to do a little more hunting in there...thanks ^_^

  4. hello..may i knoe wat is da actual range price for the mod podge?

  5. Erm at Artfriend, about RM20++ for small bottles. I'm not sure darling :)

  6. whoa! that IS expensive. hurm. T_T

    btw, i tried your link up there that end withs supplier-one-utama but you might have alrdy removed it or sumthin. may i know if it's crafts haven by any chance?

    1. Cheaper at Art.Friend, The Garden. Not sure if this size available at Crafts Haven :)

  7. hi. i wonder whether u know any online seller that selling this? because i'm from sarawak. kinda hard for me to get this thing :( since i barely go KL.

    1. hi,

      sorry :) never seen this product sold online yet .


      They sell them online.. ;) Happy shopping!!

  8. Is ths available at craft shop?

  9. Salam sis , ada jual tak mod podge ni ?

  10. assalamualaikum ... where can i get this mod podge in klang ??? please answer me now ... it is a emergency !!!!

    1. artfriend at the garden or craft store at one utama. i'm not familiar with klang area. sorry

  11. hello, which mod podge to use if i put glitter on my phone charger and i want it to stay for as long as possible without having the glitter come off when i touch it