Aug 29, 2012

Instax Mini 7S sales

For those who interested with this camera, there is a sale at this webpage. The cheapest that I've ever crossed.
It's only RM209 for white with pink/blue.
Only RM245 for camera + 2 boxes of film (10 pieces each)

RM280 for white and chocolate :)

I love instax mini 7s so much but never got a hand on it yet. Mainly because the film was so expensive. Should I spent money repetitively on the pricey film? I'm not sure about this. But, I know....I know..... sooner or later I will own this camera :)

ps: thanks to hubby for this information :)

by M

Aug 28, 2012

Stay Tuned for new Masking Tapes

DIY Cloth Tag

Tutorial from No Big Dill here :)
Seem so good to try

Stamp your own pattern

Tutorial by No Big Dill here :)

Aug 27, 2012

Again? With Typo by Cotton On (Free Delivery)



I should stop shopping for three months now!

Speak Now & Teenage Dream - The Complete Confection


Currently I bought these two albums on iTunes. I think that their music was great and I want original copies of these two albums. I love Taylor Swift so much and this purchase was mainly to support the girl. It's a worth spending.

I'm not so into Katy Perry so much but most of the songs in the latter album below was a big hit. If Taylor Swift focusing on a love and breakup subject, Katy Perry sing an inspiring and motivating song. It's catchy and fun for my ear.

Speak Now
iTunes here

Teenage Dream - The Complete Confection
iTunes here

Hurm... whats next? When browsing iTunes, I realized that I'm not into a singer so much. I'm more into a song. But, to spent on a song instead of a full album is a waste as one song will cost you around $.69 - $1.30 whilst an album will cost you around $7 - $12. It's saving to invest on album instead of songs.

The question is, what album is next? Headache!


Fabric Tapes & Flat Resin Flowers

Stay tune as more cute little things will come to Cempaka's Art & Craft :)


Aug 16, 2012


So beautiful :)

Source from here

Aug 15, 2012

Duit Raya was done :)


Finally, I got time to prepare the duit raya for this coming Aidilfitri. This year, I recycled some money envelopes from this project. And some of the envelopes were from leftover here. The latter envelopes much more fun since it contain a sheet of origami paper with instruction.. hehehe hope that the kids excited :)

 Seal with red masking tape from MT here

The origami sheet :)

I can't wait for raya :)

by M

Free Delivery for This Week Only - TYPO


Do you know that Cotton On offer a free delivery for this week? I'm so thrill as the online store covers all Cotton On brands which is inclusive TYPO. Not much product available for Asia Online Store. But it's enough for the time being since I'm dying to have at least one item from TYPO. Furthermore, it's on sale! Hoorayyy... There's a lot cute item too but I'm not buying it since it's not that practical with my life :(

Okay..okay..what have I bought? Taadaaaaa..

Spinout Pen Pack
Mine is in pastel but it's not shown in the website. Maybe sold out :)

Spooled Ribbon Small - bunting

Press Gang Letter & Symbol


There are lots of interesting things at the website. Hurmmm should I continue shopping??

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Aug 9, 2012

Packing my special delivery

 Picture by iPhone Camera+ with filter (cross process)

Just to let you know that I'm selling things from this blog for fun. I mean, I really.. really.. really.. love cute things which is totally irresistible. Every time I got the products, I kept most of it for personal used. My husband always said "I know you are happy if nobody buying your things coz you can kept it all by yourself right?".. huhuhu.... Indeed, it's correct :) I can't help it!

Another reason I'm selling some items here is that I'm not that super creative to sell my own creation. So, let just sell some materials instead. Can it be that way?

Since this is just a part time, fun-and-happiness than money motivation, I don't have proper invoices, delivery slips, return form and etc documents. I don't have a proper & standard packaging too. But, don't be afraid to purchase things from me as I am a sincere-cute-business captain. Howdie fellas! I'll serve you guys the best I can.

Anyway, this is how I pack for a special delivery to a girl who bought my cute fabric tapes. She bought seven of my tapes and I can't stop grinning for the whole day.

Picture by iPhone Camera+ with no filter

Brown paper bag
Gift tag (I don't remember from where I downloaded it)

A free gift to the girl. No... I don't do this... bought it at a flee market :D Hope that she like it :)

ps: Raya mode activated :)

by M

Aug 6, 2012

Mini Clouds by Bumcat

Love these cute little clouds. 
Head over here for more :)

So Retro by Big Chill


These are all products by Big Chill Retro Vintage Appliance. Their products is base on the 50's in term of designs and colours. It's beautiful isn't it? Of course, something beautiful comes in a great price; which is not affordable for me :) hehehe

But, truly, surely... people on the 50's live with these designs and colours? If yes, I'm, envy with their life. It's so colourful. Lot's of pastel. Lot's of happiness. Why... I wonder why today's appliance are all in silver. Or black. You are lucky to have white electrical appliance. The major consumer of these appliances is women. Do women like grey a lot? I bet no! Or maybe the target customer is an oldie women who love to live in a sophisticated life. Hurmmmm not valid! Because youngster these days start working and earning money at early 20's. We start a family before 30's. Do these group of niche clients love grey. I bet not!

Maybe we are moving towards a technology world. These world is driven by a freak computer and gadget geek. Adding with a professional people who love black blazer, black trouser and white shirt. So it's possible that grey, black, and white win. Where the other beautiful colours guys...... ?.

Enough with rambling.. just hoop over to their website and cuci mata nohhh :)




- sorry for any grammatical error. it's my weaknesses :)
by M