Oct 30, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Throw

Simple Spring Throw 
Tutorial from Design Mom here

Oct 22, 2012

Singer 2259

Hello there,

Yay finally I got myself my own sewing machine.. hoooray! Well actually it was a gift from my dear husband. 

One evening he urged me to get ready as soon as possible to go for a dinner. It's weird because usually if we agreed to have our dinner outside, we will go late. It's around 8.30 pm and he drove me to Alamanda. At the shopping complex, he said that he wanted to buy me a sewing machine! Of course I'm shock. So we surveyed around the complex but I can't make any decision. I'm afraid in making a wrong purchase.

I called my mom and she said that for a beginner, it's better if I go to Singer. They have great sewing machine and easy to reach for a customer service.

On the next day, we went to Singer Bangsar Branch. It's Saturday afternoon and surprise, surprise... they have sewing class on that day and Sunday. Wallah! Perfect day!

So I got a hand to hand tutorial by the shop owner. She teach me how to use the machine in general. Apart from that, she explained about all the basic stitches one by one. Wow, lots to learn in one day. A short visit become so long due to the impromptu class :)

My machine of choice is Singer Model 2259 and I love it!

To try it out, I'm making a table runner. This is the only fabric I have and yup I need to have a new one. 

I've tried four kind of stitches and so far so good. :) Do you like my new table runner?

Oh what next should I sew? I guess it gonna be lot of projects coming to momma :) Oh yeah!

by M

Oct 19, 2012

Polkadot Galore - New Masking Tapes

Hello dear :)

Cempaka's Art & Craft brought to you a new collection of polkadot masking tapes or most known as Washi Tapes. Only 5 colours available in limited quantities. The price is only RM10.00 per unit :)

Size I Width 15mm I Length 15m
Weight I 0.02kg
Material I Washi Paper

*Please take not that we have tried our best to post pictures with nearly similar colour to the physical products. The actual products colour may be slightly different when compared to this blog.

 Code: MT001
3 units available
 Code: MT002
1 3 units available
Code: MT003
3 units available

Code: MT004
3 units available
*the pink is like a lipstic pink, it was so hard to make the picture display the correct colour :)

Code: MT005
3 units available
*the red is like Merilyn Monroe red lip, it was so hard to make the picture display the correct colour :)

Purchasing steps:

1) Email your name, product code and quantity to cempakasac@gmail.com and wait for a confirmation email.
2) We will get back to you as soon as possible if the product is available inclusive the postage cost. Free delivery if you are at Putrajaya :) .Together with the said email, we will provide a Maybank account for you to pay.
3) Make payment and email back the reference number.
4) We will check the payment and once confirmed, the order will be posted. Once posted, we will email the tracking number and you can track the parcel here.
5) Posting activity via Post Laju is only on Tuesday and Friday.
6) Please keep all the email history for references.

Postage cost:
*via post laju
A: Peninsular Malaysia = RM5.00
B: Sabah/Sarawak = RM7.00

Please take not that we did not take any profit from the postage activity.

Return steps:

1) Notify us via email that you want to return the product. Please take not that we will not bear the postage cost for returned product.
2) We will email back to you the address for returned product :)
3) Once we received the product, you will be refunded.

Two first customers will get 20% discount as an appreciation for supporting us :)

Please email to us at cempakasac@gmail.com if you have any further queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Click here for every posting related to Masking Tapes :)
Happy shopping and happy crafting !
by M

Oct 18, 2012

Reading Corner


For me, decoration is very tough work. It's tiring especially in making decision, on the design and furniture selection. I would say that my home decoration is simple, but it's tooooo simple and booooooring. So, decoration is not my field. I wish I have large money so that I can hire any professional to decorate my house.

Anyway, there is one area in my house that quite empty. I'm thinking of to turn that area to become a reading section. The style is either Option A or Option B. Option A is my favourite as it's simple, modern and colorful. Option B is a mature part of me. It's still simple, but there's some classy and vintage elements.

Hurm, which one?


Option A
Option B

Oct 15, 2012

Testing pastel sharpie

Hi there, 

Tribal pattern at my Air Wick Automatic Spray.
All drawing was with Sharpie Pastel range.
There was an offer at Carrefour that only cost me about RM13.00.

+add some masking tape and diamond embelishment+

by M

Oct 9, 2012

Tutorial: Fabric Flower


Today I wanted to share step by step on how to sew a fabric flower. Of course you can find more tutorials online but I did like to have one too at this blog :) Well, I love it so much and it is an easy diy. So girls, do it on your own!

You can use this fabric flower in many ways such as; as a brooch, embellishment for craft project, key chain, headband and so on.

What you need:-
  • A round card stock
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Fabric (this time I'm using cotton fabric)
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Beads
  • Brooch pin
Step by step:-

1. Prepare a round pattern with a card stock. You can also replace it with any round objects such as glass, mug and bottle cap.

2. Trace the pattern to your fabric and cut it properly. We need 8 pieces to make this fabric flower beautifully.

 3. Take one piece of the circles and fold it in half.

4. Then fold it again in half.

 5. Sew your four circles like this. Another option is to glue it on another base fabric but I prefer sewing.

 6. Add the second layer to create volumes. The second layer does not necessarily arranged in the same position as the first layer.

 7. Add beads at the center of the flower. You can replace it with any embellishment, button or ribbon.

8. Sew brooch pin at the back of the flower.

Tadaaaaa. It's done :)

Super easy diy for you!

by M