Aug 20, 2013

DIY Glitter iPhone Case


Someone email me asking about what kind of mod podge to use to make glitter phone case like in the video. Well, you guys can use basic mod podge that is matte-mat-mate.

*Please noted that I've stop selling mod podge :) It's just a one shot selling activity only (for fun!).

Okay, this is my version of glitter iPhone case. I use Martha Stewart's acrylic paints with satin finishing, matte-mat-mate mod podge and glitters :)

Happy crafting!

Aug 19, 2013

40% discounts of all tapes

Hello dear, 

It's a stock clearance time! 
All masking/decorative tapes at Cempaka's Art and Craft will be given 40% discount
~Offer valid until 30th September 2013~

Please click masking/decorative tapes pictures at the right side of this blog to view all available tapes

Aug 4, 2013

My first baju kurung pahang

This is my first baju kurung pahang
It was different with normal baju kurung that I sew previously.
For the sake of upcoming raya celebration, I sew this cloth without knowing the right technique. I can't wait for the class as it move too slow. 

So, next, I need to buy another fabric, cut it and bring it to the class. I really need to master the right technique to sew baju kurung pahang :)

Aug 1, 2013

Sewing my own Baju Kurung for Raya :)

I'm quite busy right now. Juggling with house chores, study, socialising and sewing my clothes.
Finally, my baju kurung was done.
On the right side is not mine, it's for my sister :) The first cloth ever made for someone else. Success.

Apart from that, I completed altering my other cloth bought from online store. Gosh, it was big and not flattering at all. I hate it! 

ps: thingking of sharing a tutorial to sew baju kurung was so complicated. So, laterrrrrrrrrrrr lah...