Dec 23, 2011

Fun & Easy from Ambrosia Creative

Tiny Polaroid Magnet
Tutorial here.

Ombre Twill Tape
Tutorial here

What is Ombre? I'ts a one tone colour but it's either from darker to lighter or vise versa. I too just know about this term and concept.


Dec 22, 2011

Discovering A Little Big Shop

A Little Big Shop
An online store brought by 3 Singaporean.
Selling a very cute items + affordable price.

All images are from A Little Big Shop

For more, visit A Little Big Shop here. Stay tune as they will bring a whole lot more cute stationary for you :)
by M

Dec 12, 2011

Wedding Gift Tag

Hi, this is a gift tag ordered by my sister in law for her wedding this week. Remember my posting here? She wanted a pink gift tag following the wedding theme which unfortunately there are no suitable patterned paper at the market. Thus, I just use some patterned paper that can be coordinated with pink. To be more pinkish, I add some pink and cream leaves to the gift tag.

I hope she like her wedding gift tag :)


Materials & Tools
Patterned Papers
Hard Stock Papers
Craft Puncher
Wording and Love printing with Brother Colour Printer

by M

Dec 4, 2011


Have you ever visit Very Purple Person website or Etsy shop? If not, I'm suggesting you guys to visit it immediately because Very Purple Person is sooooooo darn cute and impressively really good at sewing and making cute things.

I'm so much in love with a cute people who can make a cute things or even said a cute words.. crazy isn't it? The owner of the website and Etsy shop is Novita who was originated from Indonesia but currently lived with her family in Japan. I do think that she is so bless for living at Japan as that country produce a lot of great fabrics, papers, decorated masking tapes and so on. A lot of beautiful and cute things are around her.

If you love sewing, please follow her website as she has done a lot of sewing project. She even shares some of the sewing tips and sewing projects that she has made. If you really love Japan, please do also visit her website too because she tells a lot about Japan and the Japanese from the eyes of Asian women.

Fyi, I'm writing this posting with such an energetic spirit as at the moment, I'm so excited to share with you guys about her.

Anyway, just go the her website and have a look at yourself :)

by M

All images were from Very Purple Person etsy shop as has been linked above

Dec 3, 2011

So cute from Basil Bang

So cute from Basil Bang.

Basil Bang produces big umbrellas with a great design for beach-goers and poolside revelers. I do think that this umbrella is very suitable for Malaysia hot sun. A very suitable items for picnic at the parks and of course the beaches. Very suitable too for a fancy restaurant that has tables outside the food station.

What do you think?

For more, visit

by M


All images are from Basil Bang here

Dec 1, 2011

DIY Fabric Poppy

Navigate to here for how to do your own poppy flower. All from Creature Comforts :)

Nov 30, 2011

Sarawak Layer Cake

Sarawak Layer Cake
or in Bahasa, people call it as Kek Lapis Sarawak;

is a very beautiful and delicious cakes only made in Sarawak. I'm not sure the history or the origin of the cakes but people said it comes from Indonesia. The main important thing is that this cake absolutely famous for their detailed designs which not many people has a patient to do it.

Read here for more info about this amazing cake.

I just got back from Sarawak recently and I can't wait to share with you guys about this cakes. As mentioned previously (so so so many), this cakes designs are so amazing. The cakes are layered to one another to form a beautiful design. My little brothers love these cakes so much especially the most bright and colorful one.If asking about the taste, it is much more like a butter cakes with an extra taste such as chocolate, sweet sour and so on, depending on the bakers creativity.

At Sarawak, I visit Mira Cake House at Kuching Waterfront, here is their main blog. My friend who work at Sarawak told us that people who live around Kuching prefer Mira Cake House as their cakes are so moister. While for people who live in Peninsular Malaysia, they prefer cakes from Dayang Salhah. Believe me, Mira Cake House produce a much better cakes than Dayang Salhah as I already tried both.

And don't worry, both cakes supplier produce a halal cakes.

Here are some pictures taken at Mira Cake House.


For more articles about my trip, you can go to my other blog here :) But maybe there is some delay about Sarawak trip as I'm not that fast in updating my blog :)


Nov 23, 2011

Sneak Peak

Finally the gift tag project has been completed!
I'm so relieve :)

More pictures will coming soon after the event :)

Nov 21, 2011

The wall stikers


I've got my wall IR Korea Decor stikers long ago with a great packaging; and here are the stikers :)
(Refer to previous posting here)

This patterned seem so small but it is ok when you look at the whole dining area. Yup, I put this sticker at the dining area just above the dining table.

This is a clear sticker which stick so strong. I'm not sure how to put it down when it's time we need to move out but let not think about it yet. The design is great and placed at the right place.Yes, we have a guitar even though I never seen it being played. :)

In overall, I'm satisfied with both purchased and services by IR Korea Decor. I'm strongly suggest this product to you guys.

by M

Nov 12, 2011

Pantone Inspirations

Pantone Inspirations
Easter Egg by Amy Miller Design
Cookies by A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe
Cookies by Kim Neill, previously featuring in this blog here.
Pantone Apple Pie feature at One Rare Bird from Anthropology
Shoes from New Balance
Bracelet by It's me, Mary
Prints by Miart DesignCollection
Gift tag by Modern Typography
Necklaces by Caitlin Sherman
Pendants by Gadgetgirl
Earrings by Melanie Ross
Sneakers by SeeVees. Original posting here.
Nike Shoes here
Folded Chair here
iPhone 4/4S case from Case Scenario
Cakes. Original posting here
Place Cards for Autumn by Annemarie Buckley for Frolic here.
Christmas ball here

Tooth Brush here