Feb 26, 2011

Flowery Peacock


This is a peacock from red flowers at The Gardens. I happened-ly seeing this peacock on the way to the Art-Friend.

I do think that this peacock is adorable and exciting. Love it so much.

Ps: It was totally an awkward moment when no one cares about the peacock except me. And seeing me capturing her image by my phone alone it sooo pitiful. But unfortunately I can't resist any beautiful things/creatures.

by M

Feb 24, 2011

Thank You notes

For my wedding, we'll pay my brother and his friend for Kompang and Silat. They are all around 10 to 12 years old kids.

I'm using an origami sheet from Origami To-Go Note Cards bought at BookXcess, Amcorp Mall. At the back of the origami sheet, I print some thank you note to them.

On the envelope, I print design from Marthe Stewart free templates.

I had a problem with the printer whereby most of the time it does not detect the envelopes. It was a stressful moment but it will not stopping me from completing the assignment.

On the other hand, my fiancé and friends said that the kids won't excited with the cards. Well, they were BOYS right? So, in a normal condition they do not appreciate art and craft. Huhu.. What to do..... I'm a stubborn bride-to-be..

How to spark the excitement?

Add RM5.00 to each of the cards.

What ya' think?

by M

Doily Tin from Marthe Stewart

Feb 22, 2011

Portal Rasmi Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia

Portal Rasmi Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia

Kunjungi Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur pada 23 Februari hingga 7 Mac 2011, jam 10.00 pagi hingga 10.00 malam. Sebarang pertanyaan boleh hubungi 03-21627533 atau layari www.kraftangan.gov.my atau e-mel kepada pro@kraftangan.gov.my

Little Girl Pearl Purse Tutorial by Little Girl Pearl

I've found this at http://littlegirlpearl.blogspot.com/  on how step-by-step do your own tote bag or the owner of this blog call Little Girl Pearl Purse.

Seem easy to do but for me it's a lot of work :)

I like http://littlegirlpearl.blogspot.com/ because it's cute and full with beautiful fabrics (of course full with fabric because it's specialized in kids cloth. huhu)

by M

Feb 21, 2011

PSP Cover. Cute but fail :D

This is my trial of sewing a PSP cover.
It's totally cute but it was sloppy.
Not comfortable using it with the PSP because it's bit sloppy.
It's a fail project but I'm happy enough doing it.
No hard feeling when my fiancé said he did not like it because it does not sit still with the PSP.
It spark my challenge mode to do this again.

My mom said fabric and plastic cannot go. Huhu :)

front view
 Picture was taken in a car (at my lap) because I was so excited to show this to my fiancé and friends.
They were ooh ahh at the back seat :D

back view
I sew the button in a car (on the way to wedding) because the PSP was with my fiancé. So once I got the PSP, I measured the button to the correct place to sew.
I bring along with me thread, scissors, needle and ruler.

bottom view

upper view

inside view

upper-inside view

Overall front view

These are some materials I'm using for the PSP cover.
Fabric from Ikea
Colourful Button

by M

Cotton fabric for Baju Kurung

I love Japanese Cotton fabric for my baju kurung. It's my trademark at my office where I work.
For international reader, baju kurung is a Malay traditional cloth. For Malaysia, we have recognize baju kurung as a National Cloth.

I just bought 2 set of 4 meters cotton for my new baju kurung. I already send it to tailor and hopefully by middle of March I can't pick it up :D

I love flowers motif.
I love crowded cotton motif.
I love cotton.

Me in Baju Kurung.
(No. It's not my bed. It's my friend bed who get married at the time this picture was taken)

by M

Feb 17, 2011

Paper Dolls Invitation by Paper & Ink

I would say that this is:
Never seen something like this
Pastel Colour
Beautiful hand-paint writing
I heart http://bbpaperandink.blogspot.com/

PSP Casing

PSP iPhone / mobile phone / gadget felt case

by Rabbit Rampage

Nintendo DS / PSP / Camera Case - Cat

by Minifelts


 Not many people do handmade PSP Case. I just browse through the internet and found these cute items. 

The first one by Rabbit Rampage  and the third one are actually an iPhone case. Huhu..

The second one, by Minifelts is quite cute but it is in a form of small pouch. I'm looking for a case that can be attached or screwed to the PSP.

by M

Feb 16, 2011

Try & Error, but all of it was error

I'm trying to do a simple flower but it's still error.
My hand hurts.

But I'll try again until I can have the perfect flowers.

by M

Feb 13, 2011

Art.Friend - new shop in town!

Hi peeps,

Do you know that I've found a great art and craft shop at The Gardens, Mid Valley City. The shop name is Art.Friend - complete range of art, graphic & craft materials and stationary.

Here is the full address:
Lot T-213, Third Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City KL

I'm super excited at the shop because there's lot of craft materials and tools can be found. It has all the adhesive, paints, sticker, painting tools, puncher, drawing canvas and so on. I'm in total speechless. Here are some pictures I snap at the shop. I'm so bless that the shop allowed for camera.

Sorry, the quality is bad 'cause I'm using phone camera - Samsung Corby Pro.


Stickers & Ribbons


Materials for bracelets/necklaces

Cross stitch and Crochet threads

Feb 12, 2011

Brown Paper Twine / String

Brown Paper Twine / String
RM2.5 inclusive postage (peninsular only)
5 meters per pack
Click picture to enlarge

DIY label details:
Microsoft Word 2007
Shape - Rounded Rectangle
Size - 4.08 cm X 7.94 cm
Font - Lucida Calligraphy & Calibri(Body)
Colour - Red, Accent 2, Lighter 60%

Email me at maziahmj@gmail.com for purchase

PS: I don't know why the picture not rotated to the correct angle. So please bear with me: not a computer savvy.

Origami-To-Go Note Cards


Sharing my excitement with Origami-To-Go Note Cards, newly bought from BookXcess, Amcorp Mall - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
As shown in the picture, the price quit cheap i.e RM17.90.

-Amazon current selling price is $10.20
-Milo.com current selling price is $12.00

It comes with a cute box where we can pull the content using the attached ribbon.
Inside the box it has 16 note cards with 4 different designs. Accompanied with the note card is a blue metallic envelope. The note card was attached with instruction on how to make an origami dove.

I think this Origami-To-Go Note Cards was so darn cute.

Feb 11, 2011

Change white board into something creative

Owh I love this idea so much by A Lemon Squeezy Home. I do thing this is the most creative things I've ever seen in her website. The chalkboard is my favourite - and I never knew that there is a Chalkboard Paint in the market.

The post make my day!