Jun 24, 2011

PSP Mode - Searching for a skin :)

All sources is from http://www.decalgirl.com/

Currently our PSP original skin is black. If you know me well, I'm not into black so much...
So, which one to select??

I like the solid colour collection so much. They have a whole wide collection of patterned designs but I don't like it much.


by M

Jun 23, 2011

Cupcakes by CantekSekali Home Deli

I accidentally found about this blog that selling cupcakes. What impress me and makes me oooo aaaaah is how she decorate the cakes. So cute! 

What I like most, she is using paper as her decorative items. Wiiii (super excited!)

For more, visit here.

I like pastel colour cakes!

Dah lama tak makan cream puff macam ini. I hate you!

Urg.. Kek Batik juga.... sob sob

Ok it's depressing looking at this super delicious and beautiful foods.

by M

Jun 22, 2011

New Milkadeal deal: Red Velvet Cupcake & Fruit Cake Baking Workshop at New Sugar Creations, Pandan Jaya for only RM105 instead of RM210

Red Velvet Cupcake & Fruit Cake Baking Workshop at New Sugar Creations, Pandan Jaya for only RM105 instead of RM210

Dessert Baking Class
With the recent Australian Masterchef fever, get up to speed in the desserts department by learning how to bake Red Velvet Cupcakes & Fruit Cake at New Sugar Creations for only RM105 (original value RM210).

In a small class of about 6-10 persons, learn the A-Z of baking the popular Red Velvet cuppies & the evergreen Fruit Cake from scratch. Bloody the hands with red colouring to stay true to the Red in Red Velvet cupcakes. In the 3 hour class, enjoy the easy banter of  wannabe bakers whilst preparing the batter for the Fruit Cake that could either rise or flop depending on the beatings.

Once baked, decorate the cupcakes with creamy white cream cheese to balance the blood red colour. Enjoy popping them instantly in the mouth or bring home 4 Cupcakes & 1 piece of fruit cake to share with friends and family while the rest of the bakes are donated to charity.


For more, go here :)

I love Cotton


As you may know, I admire cotton so much for my baju kurung. Urg.. sometimes I love to window shopping (virtually) for cotton fabric and cloth.
 I wish I can have them all.

Here are some collection that captured my eyes. 

happy browsing!

Owh so much surfing and I just featuring 6 cottons? Huhuhuhu, what a high standard to meet my interest.

I am now waiting for my sister if she want it too for this coming raya/wedding.

by M

Jun 21, 2011



What most best-est things about malay wedding is the hantaran. The hantaran  is a complete set of gift from both side. In a simplest way, our wedding required both groom and bride to exchange gift. The gift set must be in an odd numbers and the bride must send a higher number of gifts than the groom.

The hantaran set must be in either of these combination: 3 vs. 5, 5 vs. 7, 7 vs. 9, 9 vs. 11, 11 vs. 13 and so on. Our hantaran set is 11 vs. 13 but eventually the set's becoming to 13 vs. 13 when some people sponsored the gift. Well, we can't say no when people has already bought something for us right?

The hantaran need to be decorated base on both side wedding theme. My hantaran theme is purple whereby hantaran from my husband is maroon. Please be reminded that hantaran is not a religious but only a cultural requirement. :)

I'll share the hantaran images with all of you once I've got the softcopy.

For a meanwhile, here are items that we set as our hantaran.

From the Bride:
1. Sireh Junjung. Visit here for more details.
2. Quran
3. Prayer Mat
4. DKNY Be Delicious Men perfume
5. Towel (this is mandatory item for both of our mom. I'm not sure why)
6. A box of Chocolate from Cadbury
7. Cakes from King's Confectionery
8. Fruits
9. Shirt and Tie
10. Messenger bag from Puma
11. Maca Root Skin Care Kit from The Body Shop with Philip's Shaver
12. Shoes from Clark
13. Bunga Telur

From the Groom:
1. Pink Handbag from Carlo Rino
2. Women Watch from Fossil
3. Make-up Set from Elianto
4. A bowl of fruits
5. Sireh Junjung
6. Towel
7. Fabric for Baju Kurung from Jakel
8. Shoes from Elle Apparel
9. Prayer Cloth
10. Bunga Telur
11. A decor made from candies
12. A decor made from sugar
13. A decor from traditional kuih.

by M

Jun 16, 2011

Vlashor Camerastraps at MPH

MPH is featuring camera straps line from Vlashor Camerastraps.
I really love camera straps - even I don't have any fancy camera or DSLR.
Maybe because not much camera man like to change their black and ordinary camera straps. What a boring colour and common!
Every time I look at the camera man, I always think 'why so much black' about their equipments - camera, straps, lenses, bag and etc. They are photographers. They are surely an artist right? So please, add colour to your equipment!

I remember when my friend and I have a vacation at Bukit Tinggi Pahang. One tourist shooting around with his big lenses camera. What captured my interest was that his big lenses is decorated with a patterned painting. It was beautiful and engaging. What a day :)

by M

Pss: This is my lovely and pink camera

Jun 13, 2011

The Wedding Card

 The wedding card for the Bride designed by my husband

 The wedding card for the Groom design by Graphic Gulf

Basically, my card is not 100% original whereby it follow wording from my ex-office mate wedding card. When I ask my other friend about this, she said it's a normal things for a wedding card to be similar.

What my husband designing was the theme, pattern and colour. We have to go a lot phases to select the correct colour for it - to suit my taste of course.

So if my ex-office mate who believe I follow her wedding card, I'm so sorry for doing this. (Ps: It's not nice not to say hi to people-whom-you- know when you met them. I've tried to say hi but you avoiding our (my friends and I) eye contact.)

I like my husband wedding card's colour. It's like harimaumalaya.com theme colour. But, his card and his wedding theme colour completely different. Duh!

Both our wedding card has a mistake which makes our parent dissatisfied like:
  • not so complete map
  • mistake in phone number
  • missing phone number

Uhu. What to do. We only notice the mistake when it has be printed. :)
I still believe that the purple in the wedding card was nice. :D

by M

Guest Book by hammieheartwork

Wiwiwi.... :)


I know that I've been missing away for two weeks. I'm so sorry for that.. it's was all about my wedding which has been held on 3/4/5 June 2011.

The details of the wedding will be disclose later once I got an ample time to blog - or time to choose picture for the posting. (psss, we haven't subscribe any internet connection yet).

For a mean while, I've found this blog who did a handmade (and simple - I love simplicity) guest book.

I love the cute lil flowers arrangement on the guest book cover. It's full but at the same time maintain the simplicity required for a modern design.

For more, go to the website yeah..