Mar 28, 2011

American Greetings Free Wallpaper


I really love changing my desktop wallpaper, depending on my current mood. Sometimes it full of love, maybe exciting, or I'm really need a calmness, total blank, desperate, maybe I'm depress or maybe I'm full of energy.

That is why desktop wallpapers is my favorite items which I usually search in the internet.

My favorite website to go is American Greetings whereby they have lots of free wallpaper. Below are some wallpapers that I repetitively use for my laptop screen.

For more, you can visit the website at here:

ps: I'll be going away for 1 month. I'll try my best to not leave this page quiet. :D

by M

Mar 27, 2011

Mod Podge - research first


Recently I went to the art store looking for a Mod Podge. Err..... eventually there are lots of Mod Podge types. Which one to choose?

Since it is expensive, I don't want to just close my eyes and grab any of the Mod Podge without knowing their functions. So here are info from Mud Podge taken from this website:

Classic Mod PodgeThe original Mod Podge formula that’s a glue, sealer and finish all in one!  Use this crafting favorite to decoupage almost anything on wood, glass, terra cotta, metal, canvas and more, then seal with a top coat of Mod Podge. Projects dry to a protective matte or gloss finish. Available in multiple sizes to suit any project including a gallon bottle for group projects or classes.

Hardcoat Mod Podge
The ultimate durable finish! Hard Coat Mod Podge provides extra protection for your decoupage projects that are functional, frequently used or handled.  Perfect for furniture, book shelves, table-tops, serving trays, floor cloths and more. Sand between coats for an ultra-smooth finish. Available April 2007.

Satin Finish Mod Podge
The same great performance and versatility of original Mod Podge in a Satin finish.  Projects dry to a soft-to-the-touch finish with a subtle sheen.  Perfect for home décor projects such as picture frames, wall or door plaques,  decorative boxes and more.  Available April 2007.

Brushstroke Mod Podge  Enhance projects with a textured finish! New Brushstroke Mod Podge is a top coat finish with a highly visible, dimensional texture. Simply apply over posters, prints or to decoupaged canvas projects for an artistic look that’s an affordable alternative to genuine painted wall art. Available in matte or gloss. Available April 2007. 

Fabric Mod PodgeEmbellish wearables, linens and home décor like never before! Decoupage with Fabric Mod Podge!  Specially formulated to adhere fabric to fabric or paper to fabric, Fabric Mod Podge expands your creative projects to include a variety of textile surfaces.  Customize a denim jacket or jazz up a ready-made pillow or tablecloth in minutes-- you’ll have made something truly unique.

Paper Mod Podge 
An acid-free formula that is friendly to paper crafting!  Paper Mod Podge is perfect to use when decoupaging paper-to-paper and to keep photographs and papers from yellowing.Extend the life of your memory, cardmaking, scrapbooking and altered art projects with Paper Mod Podge.

Outdoor Mod Podge
Protect your projects from moisture and other outdoor elements with Outdoor Mod Podge.  This specially formulated Mod Podge provides a water-resistant finish so projects stay as beautiful as the day you made them.  Use on wood, tin, terra cotta, slate and more.  Perfect for creating decorative accessories for your door, front porch or patio. 

Sparkle Mod Podge 
Add glitz and glimmer to any decoupage project with Sparkle Mod Podge.  This formula has the all-purpose performance of original Mod Podge with the added bonus of sparkle.  A fun and festive touch to jewelry, fashion accessory or holiday projects.

Mod PodgeGlitterMod Podge Glitter offers the same great Mod Podge formula with a glitter finish! Metallic sheen show up great on dark surfaces. Available in Gold and Silver formulas!

Mod Podge Shimmer
Add a touch or Gold or Silver without adding an extra step to your next project. Mod Podge Shimmer is perfect for wedding and anniversary projects or any craft that needs a little shimmer!

Glow-in-the-Dark Mod PodgeCreate fun, glowing crafts for a child’s room, Halloween, science fair projects and other imaginative creations! Glow-in-the dark pigments add a glow effect to your favorite decoupage surface- works well on wood, foam, paper mache and other surfaces.

Maybe I'll pick Classic Mod Podge as a beginner. Later after I understand the whole function of Mod Podge, than should I upgrade it to a more fancy Mod Podge.

Hope this info helps you too.

by M

Mar 19, 2011

First time Scrapbook


I saw this sketch challenge at My Little Shoebox. So I guest I might to try new area of crafting i.e. scrapbook.

But erm.. this is my first time thus I'm quite struggling with the picture and paper sizes and combinations of papers and words.

What most pressuring is the butterfly whereby I don't have any and I don't know how to create it. Because of that, I hate butterfly today!

Enough of thinking and depressing mode, I do whatever I wanted with the project and it become like below.
A happy birthday scrapbook to my lil bro :D
Hope he'll like it.

by M

Mar 18, 2011

Birthday and Cupcakes Mode

Calobee Doodles

Background Diva

It's my birthday today!

Okay I'm not in a mood of celebrating my birthday since I'm have enough of it since I was born.
But I do love birthday wishes & sms-es, birthday coupons and discounts and of course chocolates and cakes treats.

Ok here are some cute cupcakes desktop wallpaper for yeah. To download please go to the original posting link at each images' caption.

 Sneh Roy

Cupcake Magic

Enjoy your day :)
pssst... tomorrow is Saturday.. horay!

by M

Mar 17, 2011

Tea & Brie Photography

Picture from Tea & Brie Photography are so whimsical.
I'm still enchanted with their collections.
Go the Tea & Brie Photography Etsy shops for more picture.

by M

Mar 16, 2011

Size for photo printing

I don't remember all the sizes for photo printing and I believe that info from wikipedia is helpful. This is a screen snap from the website but you may go here for original posting.

by M

Beaded Hoop Earrings tutorials by

I like this tutorials on how to do our own earring. Will I do this?
Maybe not but it's nice just to have knowledge on how something was created especially by a creative people.

Go here for the full tutorials.

by M

Picture of my heart


Grand title to create the impact (what am I saying at this midnight time?)

Okay, now I'm doing an express posting.

1) Got a mail contain a photobook by Photobook Malaysia. I feel so great and happy about the output. The service from Photobook is great. A long time to download the software ( a very big software ) but it's user friendly and contain lots of beautiful inventories.

Now there is promotion that only cost you RM99 for photobook like me. The design is actually a ready design. You may go to my previous post about this matter :D. 

2. My project with the engagement picture fail but I transfer all the picture to this cute album. This album is small which I can placed all the picture without leaving any blank space. There are about 40 pages for special occasion pictures.

Only cost me about RM10 :D

3. My job now is readying the wedding invitation card. Actually the pattern is in purple but the editing and lighting made it looks like as if it was a blue instead. I'm trying my best to make sure it's folded still by leaving a heavier item on it overnight (refer to second pic below). Huh lots more to go!

I'll show the whole design later once the invitation completed. Let's it be a surprises to the guest yeah.

Okay good night and sleep well.

Wishing you a safe life especially people at Japan.

by M

Mar 13, 2011

Polka Dot Birthday Cuppy Card

Birthday Card
Polka Dot Birthday Cuppy

I know it's purple again
Couldn't stop choosing this colour.

Card Details:
Size - 10.5 cm (W) X 18 cm (H)

Card from a hard stock paper
Embellished together with the card are a purple replicate diamonds, patterned paper, cotton ribbon and grey metallic string.

Price: RM5.00 inclusive postage.
If you want me to send this card direct to the receiver, just mail the wishes and I'll type it for you.

my mail:

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Mar 12, 2011

First Sale :D


I made the first sale and two of my Happiness Birds gone to a very cute person.
Since I'm so excited with this sale, in the package, I put together free gifts for her.
Hope she'll like it :D

This is how I pack the birds. Simple trace paper with gold string.

by M

Mar 11, 2011

Simple Design with Microsoft Power Point


Today I wanted to share with you guys on how to design simple patterned using Microsoft Power Point. I'm using Microsoft Power Point 2007 which is lesser feature compared to Microsoft Power Point 2010 especially on shapes and colours.

This pattern is currently what I did for the tutorial.

Step by step on how to do this pattern.

1. Open you power point and choose a blank page.

2. Go to menu Insert. Choose Shapes and select Cross under Basic Shapes.

3. Arrange the shapes accordingly like image below. Make sure you utilize the whole page even if it will go beyond the page sizes.

4. Save the Power Point as your master copy.

5. Save again as picture by selecting document type either .jpeg or .gif.

6. Open the picture using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. You'll see that all the image outside Power Point ranges has not included in the picture (auto-crop).

7. Crop the picture accordingly.

8. Tadaaaa.... you now have your own pattern. :D

This pattern can be used in many way such like this gift tag.

It's easy right? Without using all the fancy and complicated software available in the market, you can design and create your own pattern.


by M