Mar 30, 2010

Notes Book 004: A lazy job


I need a new notes book!
Oh yes, I got one free book, a gift from an event.

Yucks... The cover is misplaces to the back..

Need to fix it right away.. but I'm a lazy gal today. :P

Just paste the paper into it then.. Easy and simple..
(of course not grand)

What to do...

I'm a lazy gal today.


Original Front Cover

New Front Cover

Original Back Cover
(It misplace the front to back cover)

New Back Cover

Mar 26, 2010

New Craft Books

New books for Cempaka's Art & Craft

Paper Every Day
By Laurie Dewberry

Handmade Style
By Stephanie J. Milne

Mar 25, 2010

Supplier @ One Utama

This is my fav shops for craft supplies

This shops has lots of tools and equipment for scrapbook project such as punchers and stamps. You can find lot of stamp design here and most of it was an imported items.

For this shops, they have lots of embellishment, craft papers, paints and adhesives. You can find felt too here with an affordable price. Most of the items imported from oversea so the price might be a little bit higher. But most of all, it's beautiful.

Enjoy ur shopping at One Utama!

Mar 22, 2010

Water Bottle in STYLE

I do love all water bottles collections from BROS. You may visit their website at for more details.

The designs is creative, contemporary and stylish.

You can get all the items at Jusco. :P

Mar 19, 2010

Moof Wrapping Collections

My favs wrapping paper would be from Moof.
Below are some of my must buy if I went to Moof booth at MPH, Mid Valley.
You'll see that most of my D.I.Y using these papers. So darn cute.. :)

Picture taken from Moof's website

Mar 18, 2010

I like everything in

Mar 9, 2010

Engagement Hantaran

Below are some of Engagement 'Hantaran' from our side. In Malay culture, we exchange 'Hantaran' between future husband & wife.

The decoration of these 'Hantaran' is simple and easy to make. All of it was prepared by my mom.

Me? I just bought the items for the 'Hantaran' and sponsors the decoration. :P

The items for the 'Hantaran' - Clockwise from right to left: Traditional Cookies, Cup Cakes, Man Watch, Towel & Shirt.

Other items not showed in the pictures was another cookies and chocolates.