Apr 27, 2009

Notes Book 001

RM 12
RM 15
RM 18

Above are prices of most of the book notes that i like. Why so expensive? Its C.U.T.E. A reasonable answer for a girls. :) 

But does it affordable? 
First time: Yes
Second times: Yess
Third times: Ermm.. but i like it.. can i have it?
Forth times: Ermmmmmmm... maybe i'll get it next month
Fifth times: Sayangnye duit.. :(
Now: NO! NO! NO!

So, this time, I decided that I wanted to do my own note book. Simple, C.U.T.E and cheaper. :)

What you need:

Notes book :)
I got it for about RM2

Stationary, wrapping paper, ribbon and accessories.

Step 1:

We need to wrap the notes book. So, cut your wrapping paper accordingly. 

Step 2: 

Glue a ribbon on your already-cut wrapping paper. 

Step 3: 

Wrap your notes book and it will ended like below. 

Step 4:

Glue a paper inside your notes book cover. To ensure you would have a good end finishing. 

Step 5:

Add accessories to your notes book. I just glued 3 'things' (i don't know what :)) at the ribbon. PS: I got 'it' from MPH about RM3 (20 pieces). You can keep the balances for other project :)

Following the steps, you could have end product like above. :)

Love :) 
Miss Mya

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