May 18, 2009

Note Book 2

I need a new book for my upcoming project. As usual, I made it by with all materials that I've already own. A way to save money :)


1) You need to have a note book. :)

2) Second basic item you need is a wrapping paper. Cut the paper accordingly to wrap your book.

3) Cut paper like picture below. Then glue it at the left and right side of the wrapping paper (depending on your creativity, my idea is not absolute to follow)

4) Wrap your book and from inside, your book will look like the second picture below.

5) Empty front? Not for me :)
I shall add a title to the book.

5.1) Create and cut a frame on a card-stock paper. Design your book title.

5.2) Glue a ribbon at the back of your book title

5.3) Tadaa... Glue it on your note book cover.

6) For finishing, I wanted to add a ribbon book mark. Just glue a ribbon on the back cover (inside) of the book.

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