Oct 27, 2010

Beads again!

For my new baju kurung, I sew a round beads as first image above. Unfortunately I choose beads that has same colours with my baju kurung. So it does not distinctive and outstanding. I do feel a waste of time doing the beads.

Then, I remove the beads and re-sew with gems beads. Well it's distinctive but kind of awkward because it's stand alone beads. Again I feel a waste of time doing this. Of course I can stop without finishing it right :)

The funnier thing is that, I don't have enough gems beads. So my baju kurung hands has gems beads whilst at the body has round beads. But I just wear the baju kurung like nothing happened. Will re-sew the body part as soon as possible when I top-up the the gems bead. Bling bling :D

I don't know how to sew a beads for full-patterned fabric. So, just one bead each at the center of the flower.

Need to improve the skills now!

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