Nov 30, 2011

Sarawak Layer Cake

Sarawak Layer Cake
or in Bahasa, people call it as Kek Lapis Sarawak;

is a very beautiful and delicious cakes only made in Sarawak. I'm not sure the history or the origin of the cakes but people said it comes from Indonesia. The main important thing is that this cake absolutely famous for their detailed designs which not many people has a patient to do it.

Read here for more info about this amazing cake.

I just got back from Sarawak recently and I can't wait to share with you guys about this cakes. As mentioned previously (so so so many), this cakes designs are so amazing. The cakes are layered to one another to form a beautiful design. My little brothers love these cakes so much especially the most bright and colorful one.If asking about the taste, it is much more like a butter cakes with an extra taste such as chocolate, sweet sour and so on, depending on the bakers creativity.

At Sarawak, I visit Mira Cake House at Kuching Waterfront, here is their main blog. My friend who work at Sarawak told us that people who live around Kuching prefer Mira Cake House as their cakes are so moister. While for people who live in Peninsular Malaysia, they prefer cakes from Dayang Salhah. Believe me, Mira Cake House produce a much better cakes than Dayang Salhah as I already tried both.

And don't worry, both cakes supplier produce a halal cakes.

Here are some pictures taken at Mira Cake House.


For more articles about my trip, you can go to my other blog here :) But maybe there is some delay about Sarawak trip as I'm not that fast in updating my blog :)


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