Jun 16, 2011

Vlashor Camerastraps at MPH

MPH is featuring camera straps line from Vlashor Camerastraps.
I really love camera straps - even I don't have any fancy camera or DSLR.
Maybe because not much camera man like to change their black and ordinary camera straps. What a boring colour and common!
Every time I look at the camera man, I always think 'why so much black' about their equipments - camera, straps, lenses, bag and etc. They are photographers. They are surely an artist right? So please, add colour to your equipment!

I remember when my friend and I have a vacation at Bukit Tinggi Pahang. One tourist shooting around with his big lenses camera. What captured my interest was that his big lenses is decorated with a patterned painting. It was beautiful and engaging. What a day :)

by M

Pss: This is my lovely and pink camera

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