Mar 15, 2012

Own an Etsy Shop

Hi :)

With a collaboration with my dear brother, we are opening a new Etsy shop that sells a digital images taken around Malaysia. My brother loves to take pictures and I think it is a waste if he's not sharing these pictures with people around the globe. I love his pictures and I hope you love it too.

You will see the same pictures in our facebook accounts but don't worry as it's not in a high resolution. Once you buy it, we will email to you guys the high resolution copies with size 8R. Nevertheless, if you want to print the picture in a different size, please let us know and we will adjust it accordingly :)

As for now, there are only three set of pictures. Other pictures will coming soon :)

Feel free to visit our shop here. I accidentally naming the shop as my name and we haven't change it since Etsy allow only one time changes. So, we better think carefully about our new shop name before making any changes. Of course the banner will come after we decide the shop name. Hihihi..

If you believe our product worth a promotion, please do promote us. We really appreciate it and this is your thank you in advance. 'Sincerely Thank You'

ps: pictures are not for re-production in any form for profit purposes.

by M

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