Oct 22, 2012

Singer 2259

Hello there,

Yay finally I got myself my own sewing machine.. hoooray! Well actually it was a gift from my dear husband. 

One evening he urged me to get ready as soon as possible to go for a dinner. It's weird because usually if we agreed to have our dinner outside, we will go late. It's around 8.30 pm and he drove me to Alamanda. At the shopping complex, he said that he wanted to buy me a sewing machine! Of course I'm shock. So we surveyed around the complex but I can't make any decision. I'm afraid in making a wrong purchase.

I called my mom and she said that for a beginner, it's better if I go to Singer. They have great sewing machine and easy to reach for a customer service.

On the next day, we went to Singer Bangsar Branch. It's Saturday afternoon and surprise, surprise... they have sewing class on that day and Sunday. Wallah! Perfect day!

So I got a hand to hand tutorial by the shop owner. She teach me how to use the machine in general. Apart from that, she explained about all the basic stitches one by one. Wow, lots to learn in one day. A short visit become so long due to the impromptu class :)

My machine of choice is Singer Model 2259 and I love it!

To try it out, I'm making a table runner. This is the only fabric I have and yup I need to have a new one. 

I've tried four kind of stitches and so far so good. :) Do you like my new table runner?

Oh what next should I sew? I guess it gonna be lot of projects coming to momma :) Oh yeah!

by M


  1. Hi M,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind compliment about my Hearts & Crafts booth :)

    I really enjoyed setting up my little booth.
    Just curious, how much did you get the sewing machine for?

    I am so tempted to start sewing too, but I know that I might not have the time to do it. So many ideas, so little time, kan?

    1. Hi :)

      This one is RM690 (aunty kedai bagi discount..hehehe) with 14 stitches. The cheapest one is at RM650 with 7 stitches :)