Feb 7, 2013

New prints in the house :)

Hello gorgeous :)

Remeber about free printables that I used to post? Refer here for the posting. I love the first print after seeing the world map in Elle Apparel. But since I don't have any world map, the downloaded picture seem quite good.

To print the pictures, I bought Wedoo promotion at Groupon here. It's only RM28 for 6 prints. Add on another RM10 for delivery (but you can choose to self pickup for free). The promotion was for glossy, laminated, acid free and water resistant 12R posters. So cool!

ps: Original price is RM127 :)

So I print the said pictures and here are the result. Other four are my personal photos. Can't wait to buy frames and hang it around the house :)

Check out posting here
Our cat :)
Wedding pictures
Me after gain so much weight :)
 I really satisfied with the quality of the printings. Can't wait for another promotion!

by M

About my vacation at Cameron Highland here :)

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