Jun 16, 2013

New DIY Cushion Cover


Finally I manage to sew new cushion covers. Hooray!
Both cushions and fabric were from IKEA Malaysia. I bought the cushions earlier but it seem that they love to attract cat's furs. I was so annoyed with this situation and for that reason, I sew the covers :)

The fabric is Annbeth and it cost RM39.50 per meter.
The cushions is Granat and it cost RM12.90 each. But I think it cost cheaper a few months back.

*with this kind of pattern, 1 meter is enough for two cushion covers* 

Following are pictures that summarise the steps to sew the cushion cover :)

1) Measured the cushion and cut the fabric accordingly.

2) I add bias tape at the back side of the cushion cover.

3) Don't forget to seam the fabric.

4) This is how it should look.

5) Ok fine, I need to add button to make it close properly.

6) Done :)

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