May 22, 2011

I really into a Cupcakes


I really love cupcakes. Because they are beautiful and delicious. Now let have a peek on cupcakes in Malaysia! But I'm so sorry that I'm not a favor of fondant cupcakes. It's just,.... do people ate the fondant part? Euuuwwwww..

I used to order with Little Cupcakes. The cupcakes was delicious and the cream was good too (it's mean not too sweat for my taste bud)
Go here if you want to have a look at all the designs :)

And what the *&%$.. Hanis Zalikha's lil brother can bake a cupcakes?

Ok fine! These seems so yummy. Believe it or not, they have a booth at Cyberjaya every TUESDAY at 11am-4pm.
Urg I must go there immediately once a pay day!

Soooo modern

Ok I might not into fondant cakes. But,.... how can these be so adorable? Owh am I not falling in love with something so cute like these?
(PS: I forgot to save the owner of these cupcakes link. I'm not sure what is the blog name is.... tsk tsk)

Then a LocoRoco cupcakes? OMG this is so darn cute.

Ok enough babbling about foods. My mouth watering badly!

by M

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