May 26, 2011

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Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas.More here.
I always love ESPRIT umbrella. But it will cost me about RM70 per pieces (adorably so expensive) 

This is sooooo cute.

OMG. So sexy!

I used to depend on umbrellas during my studying period at the university. It's all because of the hot weather at Kuala Lumpur.
Everyday, I'll bring umbrella with me, because I know that my friends tends to go to a-long-distance-cafeteria. Sometimes we walk about 10 minutes just to taste a famous foods.
Due to that reason, umbrella is a MUST in my backpack. 

Nowadays, nature is my favorite.
I'm not scared of the hot sun anymore (even it makes my skin darker).
I now enjoy outdoor activities and forgo my gorgeous umbrella.

Nevertheless, the umbrella remind me of my beautiful past.

Pagoda Umbrella by Bella Umbrella

Blue Stripes Long Umbrella
This umbrella is so smart. I wonder why my male friends don't like to use umbrella.

Umbrella from Topshop
Pale Pink Heart Confetti Crook Handle Umbrella
I never knew that Topshop has an umbrella in their collections
This is so feminine and PINK
I like this kind of umbrella, because when you fold it, the ruffles collected together like the picture above.

Nothing more fun being a kiddo when you have all the cuteness in the world
Lotus Flower Umbrella

by M

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  1. WOW! I really like Amelie Sun Parasol by Pierre Vaux - Black Broiderie Anglaise. Look so gorgeous.