Jul 6, 2011

Pin (Jarum Peniti) for my shawl


This is a simple project when I'm super energetic; whereby I can't sit still more than a minute without doing nothing!

Hence, I did some enhancement to my pins. No, I'm not using these pins for sewing project. Huhu.. These pins mainly bought to secure my hijab, i.e. slippery shawl. Of course I'm quite bored with the empty & ordinary pin. The enhancement is,.... just add some small beads to the pin's head and glued it.

It's only a small changes.
Because I don't want the pin to be so visible at my shawl. But at the same time, I don't want it to be invisible.

Like playing hide and seek.
"where are you?"
"I'm here, don't u see me?"


by M


  1. Bli kat mne ye peniti yg ade penutup ni?

    1. Bekas tuh ke? Kat kedai menjahit & stationary ada. Sometimes kat kedai runcit pun ada.