Jul 3, 2011

Cat's toy


~I love beautiful things~

As promises, here are some pictures about my cat’s rope/string/toy or (whatever)....

First posting is here.

Actually, Toty (my cat) love the rope because of the ringing bell. It’s attracting to him. But if there is no bell, I believe he won’t play with it. Maybe because the materials, cotton string & ribbon, are slippery and hard whereby he has difficulty neither in catching, biting nor chewing it.

In another hand, the rope is weighty because of the buttons. So, it’s hard to play around with it (to make it move in a fashionable way).

Therefore, today’s lesson is, choose lighter materials and put lesser accessories.

Psss: let we do it again after this one go bad yeah.

To end this post, here is some picture of my Toty playing with his rope J

By M

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