Sep 18, 2011

First video using Windows Live Movie Maker


This is first I'm using a Window Live Movie Maker (WLMV) and I do think that this software is enough me. Using the software, you can add a music, choose which scene you want to cut, move or remove, add captions with a fancy font with a basic format like a Microsoft Office and lots more.

I'm not sure most of the term for video making because this is my field. So I'm not comfortable to elaborate more on this project. :)

Please do try for the experience in making a video using WLMV.

Not to forget, this is a video I made for Toty's fan. Toty is my husband and I first cat and he has lots of fan from our family and friends.

I like the music in the video and have tried to find the minus one version but failed. I know that it's not suit well, but I just don't want the video be so quite :)


by M

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