Oct 17, 2011

Barberry & Place - Etsy Shop


It's quite a long time that I'm not properly writing to this blog. Mainly because I'm to absorb with  my life as a wife at a new home.

Currently I'm too consumed with home management in which I'm not good at all especially cooking and foods (actually I hate cooking). Most of the time, I'll check recipes from the cook book or online and planning what to cook day by day. Most of the time, I'll make sure that my kitchen is always clean and organize. This thing is crucially important as it will motivate me to spent time at kitchen.

The only recipes book that I referred (Source here)

Apart from that, I'm obsess with Patapon 3, one of the PSP game. My husband and I keep practicing to level up our hero and sometimes we will do a PSP gathering (PSP gathering = we connect via PSP connection and go to a mission together) together. I know. Both of us are a gaming freak. The most unproductive activity in the world.

Patapon 3
Then, I'm busy with a gift tag order by my future sister-in-law. She wanted something like below but in pink. I really hope she like my gift tag.

Source here

Enough with rambling and let we go to Barberry & Place.

I love anything related to vintage and because of this, how can I skip Barberry & Place. Below are some items that I love. I hope Barberry & Place creation can inspire you guys and make your day.

ps: all image is from  Barberry & Place Etsy Shop.

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