Feb 12, 2012

iPhone Apps: Collage Day


My new obsession is of course an iPhone. For this posting, I would like to share with you guys a great iPhone application called Collage Day.

It is a tool to do a simple digital scrapbook with lot of cute accessories.

All images taken from App Store here

The accessories offered in below ranges:
Background - Patterned & border
Stamps - Plain masking tape, lace border, buttons, clouds, romantic Paris, musical notes, doilies, spoons & forks, balloons, anchor, Halloween, candies. There some more but I'm not sure what the best description is.

Here are two samples from the application.


However, what I don't like about this application is that you can't reverse the accessories selection. Once selected, it will be there. To re-do, you need to delete all your works.

Anyway, if you want to try this application, just download it at App Store. For FREE.

by M

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