Dec 31, 2012

I'm broke!


I'm broke broke after spending a lot of money on shopping. It has been soooooo long that I spend money uncontrollably after getting married :) Well, it's a bonus & a year end sales month.

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I went to Setia Alam City Mall with my husband to check out the new shopping place. Unfortunately, this shopping mall was a fun place for shopaholic. Lot of brands suitable for my style, age and like. We only walked 1 1/2 floors because along the way I've spent around RM300++. Duh!

Some of the items that I bought are:
Basic tee and cardigan from H&M
Flats from Charles & Keith
Man watch strap from Fossil

My 2013 resolution is to reduce 7kg of my weight. Maybe the resolution was created only to have an excuses to shop more. Training gears that I newly bought are:

Long sport bra by Reebok - it's only RM55 from Al Ikhsan Factory Outlet.
Yoga mat by Nike - it's only RM59 from Al Ikhsan (Alamanda)
Dumbbell 2lb (800gram) only RM9.20 from Fitness (Alamanda)

My husband comment "gear dah macam professional tapi setakat aerobik je boleh kurus ke?".. Grrrrr

The most unexpected purchase is this Sony A290 (second hand item). I got this for RM450. Cheap meh :) It was so irresistible even though I've never plan on getting any DSLR. For a long period maybe I should only use the auto settings. Hehehe

When I'm broke, the best option is to stay at home every weekend. I got a list of pending craft projects such as sewing a new basic curtain, sewing a new pajama trouser and learning more on how to crochet :)

Enough rambling for today
Until next time


by M

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