Dec 11, 2012

One Piece

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Hi dear darlings,

Currently I'm super obsessed with anime One Piece. Most of my time was consumed watching this series without fail which now, I've reached episode 100 within fortnight. This anime really.. really.. really.. funny which I can't stop laughing watching it. I can't stop crying too when watched the sad part especially episode about Nami, the navigator. I'm not going to talk about this anime summary as you can Google about it. What I wanted to touch here is about the characters, i.e. starting from whom I like most to the lesser. :)

Roronoa Zoro
I like Zoro because he is a bad-ass (pardon my word) and handsome (big point on this criteria) man. Fierce, no fear and brave. He fight seriously and damn (pardon my word) it's so smart :) ngeeee. He is a swordsman in the ship and a second fighter among the crew.
Ps: He's number one because of his super good look :)

Monkey D. Luffy
Luffy is the main character of One Piece which act as a captain of his nakama (crew). He's a simple minded man and funny but most of the time he's so stupid,careless and burden to the crew. However, he is the strongest among his crew, an understanding friend, helpful when needed and firm when making his decision. This is the funniest character of One Piece.

Another good look character in the house! This is Sanji, the cook of the pirate ship. He love to cook and really cared about his foods. He cooked for the crew members especially for Nami and any other beautiful girl guest on board. He's strong and his main fighting skills is lower part of his body, to preserve his delicate hands. I love his kicking fighting style. Fuyooo!

I love Nami after watching her special episode which involve the Arlong and Arlong's crew. She's the navigator of the ship and her dream is to draw world map. She's an important key person in the ship as she is the one to hold all the crew together and keep them well behave. Well, what can you expect when boys traveling together?'s a mess! She hold and control the ship money too but so stingy to spent it. It's only for the ship supplies and ..... HER CLOTHES.

Tony Tony Chopper

OMG...! Chopper was so kawaii. He's the most cutest character in One Piece. His look, his voice, his character, his everything was so cute.. A crying baby but at the same time so brave to take care of himself. I can't stop laughing watching him :) ps: he is a doctor in the ship.

There are another ship's crew in One Piece that is Usopp and Nico Robin. However I'm not into these two characters. Usopp is a big NO while Nico Robin has the potential, but maybe after she's open up her heart to express more of herself.

More about One Piece here.

Watching One Piece make me stop doing a lot of things especially crafting and reading. But I can't stop it and I don't want to miss it. To make myself productive (so pathetic), I create a rewarding program for house chores. Every house chores I did, I can reward myself with up to three episodes. With that program, my house is super clean and well organized :) Hihihihi

I managed to slot in some diy projects along the way while watching the series. It's a simple projects where you can do while watching TV. I'll post it later yeah babe :)

Fuh... ok let stop the rambling here.


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