Jan 25, 2013

New Martha Stewart Crafts' Paint

Original picture here

Hello there,

Yesterday I  visited Artfriend and I found Martha Stewart's lines from Plaid. I'm so excited which at the end I got myself two Martha Stewart Crafts' Paints in Satin finishing, light blue & yellow. I love it so much because it can be used in any surfaces. What I have in mind is to paint my white Nike shoes immediately. I'll share with you guys the result once it done :)

At Artfriend, Martha Stewart Crafts' Paint (Satin finishes) is only RM14.90. But if you are members, you can but it with 10% discount. The discounted price is RM13.41.

You can go to this link for ideas on how to use Marta Stewart's lines.

There's more things to buy but let do the projects one by one okay :)

by M

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