Jan 7, 2013

Sales at Typo

 Hello there,
Last weekend, I went again to Setia Alam City Mall and this time I can't resist TYPO. With huge sales, I got myself two spinout notebooks at RM3.00 each. It was so cheap!
 I got myself 2013 diary only at RM12.00. Unfortunately, today I received official diary from my office and this year design wass so cool compared to previous years. Now, I'm not sure what to do with my TYPO diary.
I love this owl so much and am so glad when it was only RM5.50. However, when I placed it on my table, it was waaaaaaaay toooooooooo black. Need to get the same owl but in a lighter to contrast with the dark black.

Last item was a mug only at RM6.00. My office mug has been stolen and I hate the thief. Urghhhh... I got the mug from a consultant when working at previous office and the mug has the consultant's office logo. Let say it as 'S'. Then when working at current office, the same consultant (diff person) has been engaged to do some projects. And she come to our pantry when I'm away and it goes like this:
The Girl: Hi, can I borrow some mug?
My office mate: Yeah why not. You can take any of these. It all ours. 
The Girl: Eh.... 'S'. It's my office. I'll take this. Thank you :)

Then she never returned the mug to our pantry. Does it because of the logo? I mean, come on.... if I wear a Nike shoes, can any Nike shareholders take my shoes? Same goes to my mug! 

OMG I love the mug so much because I work like hell at my previous office. It was some sort of recognition for my hard work.Grrrr....

Okay enough rambling for today. I should stay away from the mall now.

by M

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