Jan 16, 2011

Cotton Bias at May May Shop

Remember my rambling, ok not rambling actually because the word has too depth definition.
Start again. Remember my regret that why here we don't have some cute materials for craft project? Click here. Ok I found an online shop that sells lot of craft materials and tool at http://maymayshop.blogspot.com. What most interesting products is cotton bias. The price is reasonable since this product is hardly found and rare. I love it. Only if I have a sewing machine, surely this is the first item to grab.

Apart from that, she has a cotton tape that can be use as your craft labels or decorations. It's cute and always vintage.

Why I don't have a sewing machine!

Then she has a metal coin purse frame. So cute! I've seen some crafter use the frame as second image below. Terer nye menjahit...

She has too a leather handler for bags. Urgggg........ my heart racing when go through what she's got. Lot, lot, lot of cool things.

Apart from that, there's lot of cotton from light weight to heavy weight. So, do you dare to have an adventure to the blog and shoooooooooooping?

Have a nice day :)

by M

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